Midnight Sun

I poured the sun
out of your squared bottle,
and drank it in circles.

I freed the sun
from your monochromes,
washed it in rainbows,
ran its rays down my spine,
bathed my hips and thighs in heat…

I loved the sun at the witching hour.
It was hot,
hot and summer-sweet on my tongue.


This was an accidental photo. I’ve no idea what it might be. But the moment I saw it, I knew it was meant for my Summer Solstice post.


Dirt Road Dreams

The best poetry is made of human stuff… of lived words that remind heart and soul that another being has fallen (often face-first) and has gotten up grinning her defiance through a mouthful of dirt.

That was one of the thoughts dancing through my skull as I read Susie Clevenger’s Dirt Road Dreams. And this is my favorite quote, from her poem, “Bored With White Illusion”, which I’m quite certain needs to be read while growling a bit… and grinning a lot):

“I don’t want to be fed verses
that suggest but don’t commit.
If there is passion, let me feel its heat.
I want my heart to beat fast,
my breath raspy, my skin to burn.”
~ Susie Clevenger