13 (totally) Random Things On and Off a New York Train

You didn’t think that I was going to let the 13th go by without birthing some dancing words, did you? I’ve been busy, but the magic of the 13th shan’t be denied. So, here is a bit of 13th-wildness-infused-poetry:

Thirteen is magic, my darling,
let’s bloom deliciously wicked
things (out of eyes made of moon),
dancing the bad until it’s good,
kissing the worst until it’s you.

And the first 13 (sort of random) things that popped into my head:

The bad…
1. Scum – someone very special to me was attacked by a prison inmate. The whole thing is horrible. Not just because we’ve learned that the individual who attacked him tested positive for Hepatitis C, but because the bastard tried to bite him. My friend knows his job and understands the population he works with, so he disabled the inmate quickly enough. But every time I think about what could’ve happened, I shake with anxiety and rage. He could’ve been hurt… by a person he was trying to help. You see, my friend was there on a volunteer capacity. This inmate could only see his family at the hospital if an armed guard was present, so my friend volunteered a couple of hours at the end of his shift… just to have someone call him nasty names and try to get him sick. I know the risk of getting Hep C from a bite is rather low. But it’s the intend that pisses me off. Some people are scum under scum’s shitty shoes.

2. Bigot – while riding the train home, a self-righteous piece of dung, who happens to be from my birthland, showed me a video of a group of Dominicans savaging a Haitian man. The piece of poisonous muck in question laughed, as she showed me the video, saying, “If more people stand up to those monkeys we will drive them out.” I wanted to spit on her nasty face, but I didn’t—my spit is meant for better things. So, I just looked her in the eye, and told her, “I’m half Haitian.” Which is a complete lie, but the horrified expression on the bigot’s face made the deception worth my while. Before I left the train, I also said, “I hope you haven’t reproduced. I would hate to think that any child has to suffer the shame of having to confess that they are related to you.” I said it really, really, really… loudly.

…the hysterical…
3. Lesbian Love Lotion – you’ve probably noticed that my online interaction has been spotty these last few days. Well, a good friend of mine has been in the hospital and I’ve been spending as much time as I can with her. By the time I get home, I only have time to complete my hospital stuff. Anyway, one time I visited my friend wearing a t-shirt that says, “Love Is Love”. A nurse, who seemed not to have noticed that I could hear everything she said, made a face that suggested something nearby was rotting, and told a coworker, “They are lovers.” So, of course, since I’m always so good at giving people just what they need, I waited until the nurse came into the room, grabbed a bottle of oil, adopted a sensual expression that could’ve set quality fabric on fire, and told the nurse (in my sultriest voice), “Can we have some privacy? I need to rub her back.” I thought the nurse was going to burst through the wall. But she didn’t. Now, every time we think about it, my friend and I giggle hysterically.

…the good.
4. Pain can be fooled by love – since my friend has been in the hospital, I have been able to store my own physical pain on the back of my mind, and not truly let it out until I’m home. I’m hurting. But helping her, when she needs it so much, works like a tonic. I know I will need a lot of rest later, but for now, pain’s fooled. Life is good.

5. Old nightmares and new dreams – some time back, I had a nightmare about me choking on my pentacle. Before we go all witchy Freudian, let me say that I know exactly what the dream means. The person who made it was the fiancé of a friend at the time. He used to be nice. But after they married, he turned into an abusive pile of asshole. My subconscious couldn’t stand the idea of wearing something made by that waste of human flesh. I’ve been looking for something to replace it. I found a thumb ring with 13 tiny pentacles, which is promising. But I still wanted something for my neck. Then, the other day, out of the blue, a friend said that he was thinking about making me some sort of amulet—I don’t know what it looks like yet, but there has been talk of hammers and axes and such… I know, right? *super dreamy giggles*

6. Pineapple – deliciousness that does things to the tongue.

7. Mango – perfection made fruit, just for me… Fine, you can have some.

8. Rain – cloud kisses that cleanse flesh and soul.

9. Hammer – builder and destroyer in one… pure magic.

10. Summer-kissed mud covering dancing feet – this needs no explaining, does it?

11. Coffee Nips – glorious at dulling out the nauseating side effects of medications.

12. Listen to Your Spirit, It’s Talking to You – my Crow Goddess sent me a piece that couldn’t be more perfect, if I had dream-painted it myself. I’m listening, Stacy… and I’m dancing with Fate’s chant drumming in my bones. Thanks a bunch, my Luv!

The top of the painting…

…the middle spiral…

…the reaching words on the back…

…the complete yum.
this photo is by Stacy

13. Green, how I want you green. – This line, by Federico García Lorca, came to mind when I first saw the lovely plant below. It looks like a sunflower. Nope, it’s not one I planted accidentally on purpose. In fact, I suspect the gift came out of a bird’s giving bottom. But it’s adorably green, and I can’t wait to see what blooms out of it.

So, my Wicked Luvs, was the 13th good to you? Were you good to it… to yourself?

33 thoughts on “13 (totally) Random Things On and Off a New York Train

  1. Goodness, what a time you’ve had!!! I’m sorry your friend was attacked! That’s awful, especially when he was doing something generous and kind.

    I’m sort of shocked that a nurse would be homophobic. For some reason, I automatically expect people in the medical profession to be open-minded.

    I’m glad there was good to balance out the suck-y stuff! Love Stacy’s crow! And as always, I’m wishing that your pain settles down.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (13! Of course! 😉 )

  2. How wonderful that the Universe surrounds you with so much beauty to balance the ugly. A moment of clarity came to me while reading your post. I know we are linked but the reason always escaped me*other than we are both awesome cws*… You described your Hammer as Builder and Destroyer, and that is exactly how I describe my Goddess 😀 XXX

  3. What a great post – made me smile. I love to hear about your life and loves.

    I have no feelings about the 13th of anything (except you fly cheaper to and in the US on that date 🙂 ) but I did get some good news yesterday, and I will share it on my blog soon.

  4. The bad and the good do balance out. I’m glad to hear the pain’s fooled and life is good, may it continue to be so. I also wish your friend in hospital a speedy recovery.

    And in all this is an inspiring post, Maga. I wish it were more than ’13 (totally) Random Things…’ to read about? In fact, the title sounds perfect for longer works; a memoir…*nudge*✍🏾😊

  5. Love this dance of words, which of course is not limited to your lively poetry, but includes all the glowing psychedelic bits of the kaleidoscope which is your rich rich soul, and which you share with us, allowing us to see a world of brighter colors which are enhanced because of the darkness of closing one eye in order to see them–the eye of the mundane, the tired and the empty, which you show us how to refresh. I hope both you and your friend know less pain and more joy soon.

  6. Love love your grand exit #2. I must have a mean streak to be doubled over giggling at that.

    And scum….well once I called someone pondscum, you know that green slimy stuff but then I found out pond scum is good and full of nutrients so I need to find another nasty dig.

    Are you sure your heart isn’t made of (real) gold?😊💙💜💓

  7. I went to visit a friend in the hospital once and went to ask the nurse something and she snidely asked me if I was his drinking buddy. what? no, just a friend. I naively didn’t know he was an alcoholic. I put it together though when he started hallucinating. but what I’m getting at is the nurse who had such disdain for my friend. so judgmental.

    but a great list of 13.

  8. What a magical piece of art! I so love Stacie’s crows! I hope your friend in the hospital is better soon! The lesbian love lotion should make everything better because laughter is the best medicine! You have taken the crappy stuff and turned it into a piece on how not to act and the, turned around and showed us how Gratitude works if we just show it. Delightful!

  9. An overflowing plate of 13 ‘niceties’ that often bother us at odd times many times over. One has to stomach them and provide counter options all the time. Perhaps it is a way to keep one on our toes!


  10. You had my eyes welling up with tears a couple (about) half the post. It would take 13 posts to respond to your 13 items. Tears of pain, tears of ugliness, tears of laughter! I so wish I livedette closers. I would accompany you to your friends bedside at the hospital wearing the same shirt and waited until the nurse walked in and ask her for some privacy so we could both rub her down. Maybe that person who swore to heal all would just pass out.

    What a beautiful wonderful perfect Crow with the perfect message. Stacy is such a beautiful soul. I am so happy for you to have this painting.
    Big soft hugs my friend!

  11. Magaly please give your friend, who was attacked, a Big Crow Hug from me!
    Also, for your friend in the hospital, give her an extra rub from me! Good for you, making your friend laugh! LOL!
    I don’t understand about that person, who showed you the video? How horrible! But, I loved what you said!!!
    From the bottom of my heart to yours, enjoy the painting!!!
    Big Hugs and Much Love!!

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