I Turn to the Soil

With the Sun three days in hiding
and the breezes May-hot in December,
I turn to the soil
for a glimpse of New York winter…

but there is only fall,
whispering of already reached limits
and wishing for natural sleep.

Process Note: New York City has seen no snow this December. The temperatures have been so mild that if I close my eyes, I can fool myself into believing it’s spring. The whole thing makes me all kinds of anxious; for as much as I enjoy the fall leaves clinging to their trees, the green brightening the grass, the berries blushing so prettily… every time I consider the implications, my heart hurts and my brain worries.

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Forever Bright in My Roots

I wake up to welcome the sun, and the world greets me with rain, gloom and cold. But I am merry still—my inner glow strong, my outer grin alive and warm.

Part of the world shakes its head, thinking, Mad, so mad, the Witch and her acts. No sane soul smiles and shines while all at her feet freezes and dies.

I raise my face to the sky, liquid winter touches my lips and teeth… and in my soul, an autumn-kissed sunflower speaks:

“Clouds weep cheer on Yule,
forever bright in my roots—
the Sun in Winter.”

As The Wheel turns, so do we.

Process Note: on the morning of the Winter Solstice, my Piano Man and I like to walk to one of my favorite spots in New York City to wait for the sunrise. It’s raining today, so we stayed in. But I walked out to the terrace, lifted my face to the sky and laughed (perhaps cackled a bit *cough*). When I lowered my head and looked down towards the street, two men and a woman were giving me looks that suggested they were probably questioning my sanity. So I waved at them before walking inside to write this wee haibun.

I wish you a joyous Winter Solstice, my Luvs… May the energy of the Sun forever shine, warm and bright, in all of us.

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Sunflower in Winter