After I was done snickering at the last line of today’s poem, I realized that 4 out of my latest 5 posts were inspired by something I got from my Shelle. I like that… No, I really love that—with friends this inspiring, my Muse shall never run out of ideas to play with.


Between reality and fiction,
she grows.

With broken bones,
she told her tale
on a canvas of pain and lore.

Armed to the teeth—never stained
by lipstick—she rebelled,
liberated, loved…

She claimed her Self,
painted a future of strength and novelty;
the creative Force is still strong with that one.

Her hair? Unrivaled…

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Flash 55 Plus
Poets United, Poetry Pantry 281

Frida-Leia, by SunshineShelle

P.S. The bit of flash fiction for Expanded Wee Bits, 6, will be up this Tuesday. 😉


The first time I saw the image that inspired the poem below, I thought, Energy bursting out of a pretty box. So when Susan, over at Poets United, asked us to “Write a new poem about (and pumped full of) energy”, I looked for the picture… and wrote this wee bit:

They pushed her
into a cute little box,
in the dark.

Her light burst
out to sear
manmade chains

with her will.

Unboxed, by Magaly Guerrero
(this wee box is a gift the Little Princess got from my friend, Shelle)

Wicked Exhausted and My Left Eyebrow Is Feeling It

This is just a quickie… a flyby to let you know that I’m exhausted and feeling it all the way to the bone. My toenails and hair tips have been arguing all weekend, talking about “I’m more tired than you are!” and “No, I’m the one who knows what fatigue feels like!!”, when my left eyebrow lost all sense of decorum and told them, “Shut the fuck off, both of you. I’m so beat than I can’t even lift myself to show my disbelief of your idiotic squabble!!!”

I’m just letting them be… That’s what you do when your body parts shout at each other… Really. I’m choosing to focus all my energy on my innards… since they are the ones who should be drained and drowsy and a bit anxious before a trip to the OR. So wish me and my innards some luck, my Wicked Luvs. And don’t judge our typos, if we committed any… we’re tired and feeling a tad too loopy to proofread. 😉

Of course, my feet will never be too anything not to want to show off yummily Wicked socks… or fantasize about dancing in warm summer rain… *cackles infused giggles*

♥Read you later. Write you always.♥

Wicked Socks