Expanding Bits of Fiction and Poetry into Haibun, 9

The last two (or is it three?) Bits of Fiction and Poetry I developed into longish short stories didn’t get as much feedback as my expanded poems usually get. I suspect that the decrease in comments have to do with the length of the fiction. While in search of a happy medium, I decided that turning the Bits into haibun (a short dance between prose and haiku) might be the best option. So… yes, the name of the feature has changed… *cough, cough, cough* again.

I’ve listed the poetic Bits I’ve shared on Instagram and Facebook, since “Blood and Midnight”. Leave a comment letting me know which Bit you would like to see grow into a haibun, and I shall develop the one with the most votes. Please make your choice before March 9th, at 11:59pm EST.

1) Which Bit do you wish me to develop into a Haibun?
2) *optional* Why?

Here is the list, my Wicked Luvs:

Scream your love into the world.

Forgiveness is best served with a side order of memory.

Your rose has gone brittle,
but my memories of you bloom
and bloom and bloom.

a leaf bunch
sun-filled for winter—
dry ginkgo

The seasons don’t rob hearts and faces
of beauty; time just changes the way
we know how to feel, and lines stories
and smiles on the pages of our skins.

I love words,
words that tell tales,
that sing poetry and speak
truth. I will handfast pen and paper,
and we’ll birth ideas day after day.
I just love words!

in the night,
my mind births wild things,
my flesh moons

bloomed wild with the moon
and fanged sheep

darkened skies
in her eyes; her mouth,
a blood pit

a soft wing
cradles her bloodless—
wild dreaming

I enjoy peculiar fun.

A living heart can’t be broken
gently. If you are going for love,
go for it hard.

Bits of DarkBits of dark poetry, in love, spilling midnight and grit.
(blacked out from the titles of the blog posts I published last month)

* to see the images of the listed blacked out and handwritten poems, fly over to Instagram*