Madness, Darkness and Carved Lies

The cruellest month is nearing its end… only a couple of bites left. I’ve been having all sorts of fun poetizing our April dearest. Have you been delighting in poetry? I hope so, for having fun with words is pure yum for the soul. Below are 5 of the 28 Dark Poem Bits I have shared on Instagram and Facebook in April. I am adding this post to Open Link Night at dVerse. Go ahead, my Wicked Luvs, pick a favorite… tell me what you like about it… and I’ll expand the bit most liked in the weeks to come. Yes, April, you don’t get all the yum. May must get some, too.

“Madness and Moonless Nights”
Madness and moonless nights are kissing
cousins. Yes, she has tasted them both…
but, in the dark, she can’t tell whose lips
are driving the mind out of her skull.
1. Madness and Moonless Nights
– inspired by a quote provided by Sanaa Rizvi. Go HERE to read the quote.

“Carved Lies”
Your kisses carved lies
all over my backbone.
I defleshed my spine,
rubbed it on dirt to forget.
But bones have strong memories,
and soil always remembers
the salt of tears and hurt.
2. Carved Lies
– inspired by an AlmaMia Cienfuegos quote provided by moi. Go HERE to read the quote.

Bite me, and I will
bite back. And remember,
betrayed teeth cut equally
through old friends
and new foes.
3. Bite Me
– inspired by a Jake Roberts quote provided by moi. Go HERE to read the quote.

“Darkness Builds”
Darkness builds her home
in wood, mortar and stone.
She digs her nails deeper
with the setting of the sun.
In the brightest human souls,
Darkness finds a catacomb.
4. Darkness Builds
– inspired by a Stephen King quote provided by Denise Scoville. Go HERE to read the quote.

all muck dwellers squeal,
when the heavens weep hot oil
down storm drain cities
5. Squeal
– inspired by a quote provided by Debra, She Who Seeks. Go HERE to read the quote.

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These Roots Were Made for Walking, a Giveaway

Kitsune and Tea

She faery dances into the tea room, in a spring kimono made of whimsical words, winks from an onion boy, and cackles brewing out of a girl-child. There is laughter in her obi—loving mirth that wears glasses and knows to tease her middle until she squeals night songs into midday heat.

Pour your tea properly, the world says, as we tell you. She wavers, for a second made of feathers… before sticking her head into her chest and seeing that Yatagarasu’s compass still points towards the madness of her choosing. I will pour my tea with my third tail, she tells them.

She flies out of the tea room on the back of her winged heart. In her kimono, the boy blooms a pride bouquet, the girl wishes to be just like her Kitsune, and the geeky obi falls in love anew.

a chic three-legged crow
bursts out of the heart of spring
to guide her to tea

a wee note and stuff: Today is Rommy’s birthday. Rommy loves Japanese culture, a haibun feels appropriate. I’m linking this poem to Poetizing Japanese Folklore – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 12)… and The Way of Tea, hosted by the birthday girl, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. I brewed inspiration from this quote: “The questions of how to begin and what to think are matters for one’s own heart to resolve. Of oneself, for oneself—you must be your own teacher.” ~ Sen No Rikyu

Kitsune – Japanese word for fox. Stories depict them as intelligent beings and as possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom (so yeah, Rommy, just like wine).

Yatagarusa – three-legged crow (a guide) found in various mythologies and arts of East Asia.

Obi – a sash for traditional Japanese dress… part of kimono outfits.

Three-Legged Crow
“A Three-Legged Dapper Crow”

Poetizing Japanese Folklore – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 12)

Today, mi queridísima Rommy celebrates the anniversary of her birth. I wish to add joy to the occasion by crafting poetry that explores one of my friend’s favorite topics: Japanese Mythology.

Today’s Prompt – Write a poem inspired by Japanese myth and lore.

Link Instructions – Leave the direct link to your poem as a comment in this format: “Blood, Screams and Wild Woods” –

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Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016