Stupidity Kills the Mind and Maims So Many Souls

I was rereading some of the blackout poems I’ve crafted these last few weeks, and noticed a fist-pumping, teeth-baring, hope-seeking (and giving) theme. I wanted to share what I saw… so I took the poem bits… and made a poem… out of poems (only the italicized words are new). I’m linking my poetic Frankenstein to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Tuesday Platform).

“Stupidity Kills the Mind and Maims So Many Souls”

Be wild magic.
Retaliate to basic—
be brave,
do words.

Grumble savage songs
to men, give shadow magic;
carve a wonder spell.
War doesn’t help—
stupidity kills
the mind (and maims
so many souls)

Love yourself
(and others)
from all angles,
and blossom.

The original Poem Bits:
1. Be Wild

2. Retaliate

3. Do Words

4. Shadow Magic

5. War

6. Stupidity

7. Blossom

Heart Bits

Today, the Sunday Mini-Challenge, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, is being hosted by a stunning and uncannily modest lady “looking for seemingly sweet lullaby-like poems, which ooze… creepiness.” She said to “Craft them fun, write them dark, make my inner-giggling-child want to run far, far, far.” So, of course, my muse and I tried to please her. I’m also linking “Heart Bits” to Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 306).

“Heart Bits”

When the moon’s so full it blinds
and time’s Wheel is wolfing June,
find six dull eyes barren of minds,
rip out their hearts to a gory tune.

Be not too choosy about the eyeballs
and leave no heart feeling the cull,
just swing your scythe (see what falls!)
while blood dances in your skull.

Craft moonlight into horizons
and liven things up with heart bits,
invite a crow to wear your rubies,
to watch you feed the night
from where it sits.

La Luna, by Magic Love Crow
“La Luna”, by Magic Love Crow
(This beauty lives in the home of Debra, She Who Seeks,
humming dark moon lullabies all night long).