Dessert with Skulls

We devoured a skull whose eye sockets were jammed with crimson… pomegranate seeds. The Little Princess ate an eye socket, my in-laws split half of the upper and lower jaw, and my Piano Man and I shared one side of the brain. It was delicious… how it grinned at us the whole time. I was supposed to save the other side of the brain for The Boy, but… my teeth betrayed my sense of giving. I might’ve eaten the remaining eye socket, too. I must bake another skull for The Boy.

skull-cakeboxed spiced cake mix
(for extra yum, add a cup of fresh graded carrots, and
replace ¼ of the required water with Baileys Irish Cream Caramel)

playing-sorry-after-skull-cakeAfter we had dessert with skulls (um… with skull),
there was a game of Sorry! (my Piano Man was not sorry at all)
*by the way, we had pumpkin chili for dinner*.

half-of-a-skull-cakeBefore the Sorry! bit started, the skull had already lost half its head.
Hm… the remnants of the missing pomegranate seeds
give the plate an interestingly-reddish look, don’t you think?

This is our traditional Halloween dinner. But we had it a week ago, in order to share it with my in-laws. What are you cooking today, my Wicked Luvs? Are you going to send me a wee bit? You should… particularly, if the meal grins at you while you eat it. Muahahaha— *cough* ha!

…a wee note…
If you have a minute or three, fly over to Poems United… to read “Poems for a Witchy Hallowe’en”—poetry and a wee bit of conversation by Sherry, Rosemary and moi.

Storm the Dark with Me

“It’s time to write about the dead and undead,” Björn tells us. Not “the cuteness of trick or treat, but the real fear that hides beneath your bed. Bring out the beasts at night and make it hard for me to sleep.” Often, fear is that which keeps us awake… because we want it so damn much.

“Storm the Dark with Me”

I never bite a throat
that invites not my ripping
teeth. I’ve been waiting,

but hope is leaving me…

She will never want
her warmth on my tongue,
my eyes in her heart.

Then I see my desires
curve the red of her lips
for me, asking for touch
that quivers my bones.

“Storm the dark
with me,” she says, fingers tight
around my need.

I follow her, teeth ready
to feel her, throat exposed
to receive anything…

she is willing to give.

a wee note…
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Creatures of the Night

storm-the-darkpoem bit created from Edgar Allan Poe and Sigmund Freud magnetic poetry kits
charm clip crafted by Eliora