Welcome to the Beautiful Freaks Fest 1

Are you ready to celebrate everything unique (especially when the uniqueness in question comes with a serviceable hammer and a grin full of pretty teeth)? I know you are, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. So, let us party Freakishly, my Luvs!

Join Emma and me, as we let our arts and hearts dance with misfits, outcasts, oddities and freaks… Our posts should explore the tragic, ironic, mad, quirky, creepy, loving, fun, beautiful, misunderstood… monsters of the world.

Write a story (313 words or fewer), make a doll, birth a poem, paint a pretty freak, retell a myth, create a new myth… post something you love about beautiful freaks and tell us why you love it. Have a blast. And grin madly while you are doing it.

rules and notes and such…
– Add the direct link to your post using the Inlinkz tool below.
– If you’ve yet to enter my stitched poetry giveaway, just follow the link. Leaving a comment here will gain you an extra entry, if you first visit the giveaway post.
– We’ll party from Jun 23rd to 25th. You can post (1 entry per platform) every day of the party. Visit other Beautiful Freaks lovers. That’s what the Fest is all about.

Magaly on Instagram: @wordsbymagalyguerrero
Emma on Instagram: @groovygothic
Our party tag #BeautifulFreaksFest2017

My Sweet Night-Mare

Living is ink and want and him… a stitched story that has never been, a knowing smile that leaves logic and metaphors ashamed of being as unreal as words never felt. We kiss in books, on grass, in libraries, in crafted dreams… full of romances written with sharp teeth and (once upon a lie) sharper truths.

Scribble me
yours, for 13 whiles.
I will be
monster and hero,
for your tale in me.

Living is ink and want and her… She reads me real in her sleep, names me sweet Night-Mare, drinker of reason, all hers, in the wicked pools of our dark.

the wee notes…
– In myth, Mares are terrible creatures, bringers of nightmares that drive dreamers insane with terror. The succubus and incubus (female and male spirits that seduce dreamers) sound a lot like mares, don’t they? In this bit of tanka-prose, I wanted to explore what might happen if a mare and the librarian (obviously) he meant to torment end up finding common ground.
– Written for the Beautiful Freaks Fest 2017, and for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads ~ Literary Excursions with Kerry ~ Metafiction.
– If you haven’t entered my stitched poetry giveaway, follow the link to do so… commenting on this poem gives you 1 entry, if you’ve entered the giveaway.


Panicking Over What to Share for the Beautiful Freaks Fest?

If the nearness of the Beautiful Freaks Fest (it starts tomorrow at 9:00am, EDT) is making your muse (and you) feel a tad insane, know that you’re not alone. So, be happy—feeling crazy, while in the company of other deliciously deranged people, is all kinds of cool. Seriously, this might be the easiest party to create things for…

…at least, it should be easy for us (proudly odd souls). It might come as an awful surprise to you, but most of the things we love and do seem freakish to the norms (unimaginative souls who have never appreciated the noble depths of Wednesday Addams, Igor, Edward Scissorhands, Arya Stark, Dobby *yes, a house elf who takes pride in fighting for freedom and wages is a beautiful freak*).

So, there is no need for panic. Unless panic makes you happy. If that’s the case, then panic until you squeal with maddening delight. The following are examples of Beautifully Freakish stories, dolls, poems, sculptures, paintings…:

– “A Hauntingly Mad Tea Party”, a very short story by Magaly Guerrero
– “Arabella”, a doll by Emma Yardis (of @GroovyGothic)
– “Must Love Freaks”, a poem by Magaly Guerrero
– “Baba Yaga Jar”, a sculpture by Sharon Rawson (of @TouchOfTheGoddess)
– “Baby Ghoul”, a painting by Gina Morley
– Pretty much anything involving characters created by Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, Edward Gorey… and movies and books that remind you of these artists’ work.

And if no fictionally creative idea comes to mind, just post a picture of yourself, caption it, “Isn’t standing in a cave in the middle of the desert, with a sharp rock in your hand and a murderous smile on your face the coolest thing ever?” Really, my Luvs, post something like that, and you won’t even have to explain why you are one of the Beautiful (and, perhaps, slightly terrifying) Freaks of the world.

The Beautiful Freaks Fest 2017, hosted by Emma Yardis and the Wickedest Writer of Them All, starts tomorrow at 9:00am EDT. I hope to read you there. And if you haven’t entered my stitched poetry giveaway, follow the link.

“Isn’t standing in a cave in the middle of the desert, with a sharp rock in your hand and a murderous smile on your face the coolest thing ever?”