If Haiku Married Tanka, They Would Probably Birth Cherita

While exploring the wild gardens of short poetic forms, I ran into the Cherita bush. All right, it’s not a bush, so stop rolling your eyes at me. Cherita means story or tale in Malay, and it’s the name of a poetic form that consists of three stanzas—the first has 1 line, the second 2, and the third has 3 lines. The poem tells a story (that reads like haiku married tanka and they birthed pure yum).


spring comes,

growing warm
and spilling

wet kisses,
softening the prick
of a thorn



– linked to Poets United ~ Poetry Pantry, 401.


A Typo for Rommy’s Birthday…

Rommy is having a birthday (probably with tea), so I thought I should celebrate the occasion by haiku(ing) some of the things that come to mind when I think of her. I would’ve added gloriously gigantic hair, fantastic mother, best chosen-cousin, and many other things, but haiku aren’t supposed to be that long.

Happy Birthday, Rommy!


in her bones, luna
moths sing of Machu Picchu
soul deep in Japan


about the title…
– I had already posted this haiku on Instagram, on Rommy’s Facebook wall, on my wall… before a friend pointed out that I had missed the “r” in the handwritten “her”. After a burst of seriously mortified giggling, I deleted the r-less posts and chose to share the corrected haiku here. Yep, I’m going to share it on social media again. Why dwell on the horror of having given my dear Rommy a typo for her birthday, when I can use the accident to get more people to send more deliciously bright birthday energy her way? So… my Wicked Luvs, join me in wishing Rommy a birthday full of wishes come true.