A Date for the Vampire’s Day Soirée

May 31, 2013
Wildwoods, New York


Dearest Great-Grand-Papa,

I am being punished, and I do not understand the reasons behind the castigation.

Mama is vexed with me. Yvette refuses to exchange words. I stopped trying to make sense of Mama’s behavior when she started to insist that we should embrace pop culture, and sleep in silk lined coffins. Her madness is expected. But my sister’s conduct is beyond uncanny. Yvette is not an ingrate. She never fails to say “please” and “thank you” before and after bites. She appreciates kindness. Such a virtuous soul, our Yvette. My heart aches when I see her unhappy.

The other day, her unhappiness was crushing. I was in my bedroom talking to Cordelia, the daughter of the ghoul family that lives across the street, when Yvette’s suffering rushed through the window to squeeze my heart. She wanted a date for the Vampire’s Day Soirée.

I became anxious. I knew I could find a date for my sister, but I did not want to trample her dignity with an act she might construe as an intrusion. I was sharing my preoccupations with Cordelia, when we overheard Yvette describe the kind of date she wished to take to the party.

Cordelia and I concocted a plan to surprise my sister. I thanked The Night for Cordelia’s upper body strength. I am no softy, but there is the issue of me having no arms. Arms would certainly be needed to ensure Yvette’s happiness. We thought Marla—a girl Yvette dated in secondary school and who still fancies my sister—would be the perfect choice. She lives only two blocks away from us.

Marla resisted Cordelia at first. But my friend’s strong arms are very convincing. She said that it only took seconds before her arms convinced Marla’s unconscious form to be Yvette’s date.

Cordelia brought Marla to the house, carried her down to the cellar, and the rest was up to me. Well, most of the rest was up to me—Cordelia had to hold Marla down. But midway through the preparations, Marla screamed. I have gentle fangs, but most people get a tad uneasy after having been bitten a few hundred times.

Yvette ran into the cellar and began to yell for Mama.

I smiled at my sister, told her that her date was not ready yet. But that it was all right, since they had an entire month to get reacquainted before the party. Then my heart started to ache, Great-Grand-Papa. The terror on Yvette’s face told me she was unhappy.

The rest happened fast and blurrily.

And by the end of it all, I was locked in the family vault and grounded for a decade.

I do not understand, Great-Grand-Papa. I have explained to Yvette that I just wanted to please her, to make her happy. I heard her very clearly, the day she shouted into her cellular telephone. “It’s not fair!” my sister said. “All I want is a bloody date for the Vampire’s Day Soirée.”

Mayhap, I should have chosen a different girl, or a guy. But I do not think Yvette fancies boys in that way. Should I have made bigger, deeper, bloodier bites? With a bit of tearing for shock? I am extremely confused, Great-Grand-Papa, and very much in need of your counsel.

Yours in blood and thought,
Drusilla Amarantha Tepes, the Only

the wee notes…
– The 1st of Drusilla’s letters didn’t need as much revising as some of the upcoming parts. I’ve included the date and location at the beginning (to help the timeline), added the Soirée’s date to the text of the story, and did a bit of nipping and tweaking here and there… nothing major.
– The 2nd letter: Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote.

The Tepes family vault, I suppose *cough*

35 thoughts on “A Date for the Vampire’s Day Soirée

  1. I have such strong reactions to your writing, and the best part is I never realize when the reaction is changing. I was enjoying the creepiness, and then somewhere along the way I started feeling so sad – well, not quite sad, but an ache of some kind – but Drusilla is still smiling, hasn’t changed her tone. I love how you so sneakily do that! It’s understated, but so powerful.

    • I think Drusilla is like most people in the world–she walks around being herself, not necessarily flaunting this or that part into their faces… but, still, being exactly who she is. She is happy, especially around those who contribute to her happiness. And she is not shy when it comes to sharing her feelings and ideals. The latter can often make us squirm a bit in our seats, methinks.

  2. I wasn’t sure where you were going with this, and then all of a sudden, BAM, there we are! I cut loose with a giant Baawwwhaha! Love love love this story.

  3. Ahhh, perfect entree… a delicious bite (or more) of delight here Ms Wicked 🙂 my tastebuds are tingling and I am working up an appetite for what is next on the menu… wee Dru, love her sibling devotion… Great-Grand-Papa surely can help ‘unground’ her, hehe xox

  4. My goodness this is good 😀 I am so very enchanted by Drusilla’s character (I’ve loved vampires since days of Twilight series) absolutely adore the way you have depicted her attempts to find a date for her sister 🙂 I m rushing off to read what happens next! Yay!❤️

  5. Great letter to Great-Grand-Papa! Who of us has only heard a bite (oops, I meant bit) of a conversation and ran with it. After all, she was only trying to make her sister happy and get her a date…grounded for a decade? Silk lined coffins? I am on Drusilla’s side on this one. She tried! Great letter…on to the next!

  6. I remember Drusilla’s letters from before but it’s always so sweet to get reacquainted and read her letters again, after all that is what is so special about letters. You can tie them with ribbon and keep to re read at your pleasure, unlike an email. Thanks for undoing the ribbon.

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