A Shocking Fall

“Shock me…” he says, “make me feel better! Or, worse. Or, whatever. Just shock me… ” His eyes are huge. His puffy lips chapped. His left hand trembles around a rock that calls my name.

We have no power in the boondocks. And feisty eels are out of season during the Witching Hour. “I vowed to make you happy, love,” I tell him, slapping him once and kissing him thrice.

lightning quick,
summer smacks winter—
shocking fall

Process Note: I can rarely resist Mama Zen’s poetry prompts. And when I read the spunkitude of her last prompt, I knew I was a goner. I mean, how can you say no to “Shock me… make me feel better! Or, worse. Or, whatever. Just shock me… in 77 words” or fewer? I know, I know, you just can’t. So I snatched her words and had my way with them… hoping to shock her a bit. 😉

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Eye Elements, Lightning by Rick Sandoval“Eye Elements, Lightning” by Rick Sandoval

69 thoughts on “A Shocking Fall

  1. I love a place of feisty eels… I think passion is built from both pleasure and pain… I like the proportions of just one slap for every third kiss… seems to be a great relationship.

  2. You shocked and socked it Magaly! All in your crisp ways with the wonderful ‘poetic words’ in support. Could not get enough but just, but still! Succinctly brilliant write!


  3. That does sound like an interesting prompt that MZ set up! Seems you have to think quick on your feet with that scenario. I had to laugh at Bjorn’s comment of one slap for three kisses makes a great relationship. 🙂
    Gayle ~

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