A Storm of Desire… to Create, to Reshape, and to Share

“Sometimes fiction is a way of coping with the poison of the world in a way that lets us survive it.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Before my body turned its back (and shoulder and hip and gut…) against me, the strongest weapons in my coping-with-the-horrors-of-our-world arsenal were running and dancing. After I lost running and my dancing had to slow down… I coped through writing fiction… Then my mind was too exhausted to spend hours writing stories every day, so I found release in poetry.

I can create a short poem from beginning to end in my head. Stories, especially the long ones, don’t work that way for me. I need to see the words being born, feel the characters working with me (and sometimes fighting me) before I can know what the tale is all about. If by the time I’m done writing I can’t tell what (and why) I’m writing, I get little to no pleasure out of the process. And yes, not knowing the whats and whys robs me of all those delicious coping points.

Today, I’m happy and then some. After months and months of being able to do no more than a little editing and rewriting here and there, I can finally go back to working on longer projects. If that wasn’t enough to make me grin until the universe’s eyeballs can see every single one of my teeth, in a couple of weeks I get to start attempting to run again—nothing too wild, just thirty seconds of jogging every few minutes to see how my gut and balance deal with it… wee steps.

The collection of short stories and novellas I wish to publish this autumn is priority. But it’s super yummy to know that I can dedicate an hour or three to novel writing as well. I’m thrilled to know that the storm of desire to create, to reshape, and to share the stories that brew inside my head will, again, get a chance to see the light… and the dark, of course. 😉

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31 thoughts on “A Storm of Desire… to Create, to Reshape, and to Share

  1. Very glad for you.

    For myself, poetry is my love. I don’t have the patience for novels; and although I had a couple of short stories published long ago, and enjoy reading good short stories (including yours) almost as much as I enjoy reading poetry, I am not really called to write them.

    I have no ear for music and a poor sense of rhythm, so I don’t dance well. I do it on my own in my living room or when I’m swimming in a pool or creek. And as for running, I like to walk. But I recently found out that the latest research says all-out physical effort for as little as 30-60 seconds a day helps stave off Alzheimer’s. So now I run on the spot on my mini-trampoline, and can just about manage 30 secs at a time, lol. If you love running and dancing, I hope you get them back – but meanwhile, what you can do right now is really perfect.

    • I feel about fiction the same way you feel about poetry. I’ve come to love the latter, but the former is my heart in words… How I adore my stories!

      The last sentence in your comment describes my approach quite well. I will try the running and the dancing again, but if it happens that I can’t, I won’t be too hurt… for “what [I] can do right now is really perfect.” 😉

    • I don’t know if “improving” is the actual thing that is happening. Since I still have the pain, the tiredness and pretty much everything else… But knowing that I’m not feeling tired because “I’m actually tired”, but because this illness is a freaking leech, helps me put all the symptoms on the back of my mind. Before I couldn’t do that. Since we all thought that my body was craving the sleep because I needed it. Now I know that’s not so. I don’t need to sleep 12-15 hours a day, it just feels that way… So, I can fight it (as much as I can) without making my body sicker. My mind is really good at baring her teeth. And right now, we are baring them with all our might.

  2. Woot! Here’s to baby steps – and you know babies have a grand old time with those because of the big grins they get when they figure the walking thing out. May your baby steps be filled with the joy of discovery. <3

  3. Oh, lovely that you’re taking baby steps with jogging. And awesome that you feel more energetic to tackle longer projects.

    I’m excited that you aim to get the collection of short stories and novellas by autumn. And I also patiently wait to hold your novel in my hands. 🙂 Something you mentioned on some previous post about how you’d have liked to travel to your birth country for research of your book, intrigued me. So, I’m super glad that your desire to create, reshape and share is going strong. ♥

    • I’m quite excited about the collection, too. I’ve been working on it for sometime… I really want to see finished… and read! ♥

      And fingers crossed for going to the Dominican Republic soon to do some research. 🙂

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