Short Stories and Web Serials

Listed in reversed chronological order. Scroll down for Web Serials.

Felt Words
This Lingering Maybe
I’m an Angel
A Stinker of a Time
A Pristine Disappointment
Sometimes Peace and Shame Must Dance Together
Hear the Wails
Be One with the Hammer
In Gloom
The Return of the Fire (and earlier draft)
Memory and Bone
Cold Bones
Sparkles and Hope
Eagle Turned Sheep
On el Dia de los Muertos, the Puppet Feels
Dance, Old Bones
Dancing around the Healing Cauldron
No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop this Leo (an earlier draft)
Of Death in the Dark
Risqué (an earlier draft)
Praying Him into an Angel (an earlier draft)
Are You Awake?
Under the Dark Moon (an earlier draft)
Stones, Echoes, Skulls (an earlier draft)
She Harms None (but her inner witch beats them to a bloody pulp) *an earlier draft*
Chains, Whips, and Posh Noise Cancelling Devices
Shooting People at a Mad Dream Wedding (an earlier draft)
28 Days with Gaiman, Pratchett, Poe and García Márquez
Moonchild (an earlier draft)
Unbaptized Imp
Honest Monsters
A Bit Twisted, but Smiling
Coffee Scented Memories
Petrichor (an earlier draft)
Blood and Midnight
Rice and Meat
Of Cerise and the Wolf, part 1 of 2
In the Dark (Of Cerise and the Wolf, part 2 of 2)
The Darker Fringes
The Wee Memoirs of a Victorian Mourning Doll (audio)
13 Kisses in the Dark
A Rattle and a Wee Book on Her Grave
Be Human
Of Banshees and Clean Underpants
The Sleeper and the Witch
I Confess to Stealing Three Chicken Heads
Green Love in Stone Bay
A Healthy Dump Might Un-Pinch Your Face
Unbreakable Chain of Chosen Blood
Mads and the Shifty Cat
Not Victoria
Kaffee und Kuchen… and Napalm
The Day Lady Liberty Ran Off to Join the Circus
~ The Decaffeinated Witch Hacks Again, part 2
Wednesday Addams Speed Dates to Find Her Bleeding Heart
The Wee Memoirs of a Victorian Mourning Doll
Kinesiophobia: Chronic Pain’s Stagnating Minion
Scouting Story Crafters
Stand Your Ground and Carry On, Corpus Christi
Rebels with a Shambling Cause, part 1
The Decaffeinated Witch Hacks Again, part 2
She Wasn’t a Creature of this World
Sweet William Pinks Creation Story
Touched through Blood and Dust, part 1
I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head, part 2
Of Blair and Morning Glories
A Tree House for Our Holy Crab
Dark Silver
Tiger Lily
A Fistful of Banishment
Heat, a Maelynn del Monte story
Lick It to Make It Better
The Skeleton in His Milkshake
Becoming Sweettooth
Goddesses on Contraception
Bite and Swallow
Nyx, Kali and Nut
Blood-Shod Witch Can’t Tell the Old Lie
Witch by Design
The Light from Within
Love, Blood, Yew and Moon
Misty Lake
His Heart, His Valentina
Regret, a Maelynn del Monte story
Daisies and Weeds

Web Serials

Drusilla; or, Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote
She’s Cute, Creepy and Completely in Love with Herself
1. A Date for the Vampire’s Day Soirée (1st Letter)
2. Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote (2nd Letter)
3. A Hauntingly Mad Tea Party (3rd Letter)
4. A Charming Unkindness of One (4th Letter)
5. Four Sutural Enhancements and a Velvet Cape (5th Letter)
6. Special Interests (6th Letter)

Ink and Feels
1. This Lingering Maybe
2. Felt Words

From “Ink and Feels”, click the link to read the poem.