AlmaMia Isn’t Me, But…

I gave her the best
pieces of me:
my taste buds, my alchemical ability
to turn musts into mettle,
and I curled my hair over her skull. But

her thinking is only hers.

She smiles and wails
with her mouth,
climbs through life with self-learned wit;
each of her pains,
she feels in her own flesh. But

I have licked her wounds.

We’ve eaten fruit fed by the same soil,
fought some of the same battles
I lost… I am not her. But

I make things up,
and the best way to make things up
is to make them out of real things;

guess she could be me…
and at least thirteen others
I don’t know.

Process Note: after the bits shared in “My Hot Coffee and I Were Supposed to Get Wild and Sexy, But…” I started going over old emails, from readers who wanted to know if the main character in AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories was based on me. They founded their questions on facts: the stories are set in the island where I was born, the character lives in the same palm wood house I grew up in, and although our familial and social situations are rather different from each other, AlmaMia and I share many of the same wants and worries. This morning, I replied to some of the newest inquiries with one of my newest favorite Terry Pratchett quotes: “My job is to make things up, and the best way to make things up is to make them out of real things…” And “real things”, my Wicked Luvs, happen to everyone.

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 28 – In the Beginning, There Was Nothing, Which Exploded: find your favorite Pratchett quote… and let your Muse birth some poetry from it.

Terry PratchettI made this candle the day after Terry Pratchett died. In “Pestle, Mortar, Pratchett”, I told you that I would save it for today… Well, it’s burning.

for Sir Terence David John “Terry” Pratchett, OBE (28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015). Happy Birthday, my Knight Writer

33 thoughts on “AlmaMia Isn’t Me, But…

  1. I think we writers take a bit of reality as a seed and then make them grow in wild ways they never could in real life. Though it might be fun to take up Japanese sword fighting to get a feel for how Yuuki might do it!

    • We “make them grow in wild ways they never could in real life”. I believe that with all that I am.

      And you better pick up that sword and go all Yuuki in front of a camera one day. I will grab some mangoes and climb a tree and play at being AlmaMia… I might even throw some rocks. 😀

  2. Well, we are told from early writing days to write what we know. What we know is, as you said, the food, the smells, the feelings. I was about 13 when I realized that most of the science fiction I was reading was really just a love or relationship story set in a fantastical place. And, Rommy, I say go fo it! Oh, and then post pictures!

    • Indeed, Sharon! We know what we live; and so many ways, our characters know what we know and plus what we learn through them. Quite yummy, isn’t it?

      I second your call to Rommy! 😉

  3. Alma Mia is you in the same way that Laila Flynn, or Red Veiled, is you. They are all “OF” you.
    They would not be the same is written by anyone else. You bring a life to your characters that certainly is at least a little bit Magaly.

  4. Our creations are us, but in ways we aren’t able to be, I think–more, different, our wishes of the soul( AlmaMia indeed) and the things we can’t tell or show other people any other way. This poem explains that without explaining, which is always the best way. As a tribute to one of your favorite authors (and world-creators) you couldn’t burn a better or brighter a flame. On a personal note, of all the new blogs I have added to my blogroll over the years, yours has been one of the most surprising and nourishing. Thank you for what you pour out here–it is a delightful, delicious concoction of musts into mettle.

    • Every word you typed here made me a bit warm inside… If I wasn’t a self-absorbed, non-blush-able Aries Marine, your words would have even brought some mist into my view… But that’s impossible, of course…. since I’m bad to the bone. 😉

  5. I get ya. Every character in my novel has some piece of me in them, or some piece of someone I know, but not a single one of them is me. However, in a way, the whole book is me and your books are you also.
    Here, you will like the poetic weirdness of this: When I was in college I took a forensics class (which was fascinating). One of the things I remember is Locard’s Principle of Transference. In relation to crime scenes, it means that a criminal will leave something behind at a crime scene and take something away as well. No one can go anywhere or do anything without this happening on some level, no matter how minute. It’s the same with writing. No matter what we write, how we write, or for what purpose we write, there’s always some piece of ourselves in it.

  6. What a wonderful path your thoughts lead you.. the way we create ourselves.. sometimes I feel I came from somewhere in a galaxy settling in that tiny body in the crib.. but why in me.. why not somewhere else (or maybe I did)

    • It’s crazy how we manage to living in such limited space without bursting into the environment… I guess that’s the reason whey so many of us do explode through are and through other (less pleasant) ways.

    • Ha! I’m sorry if I confused you, Mary… with my “Knight Writer” term of endearment for Sir Terry Pratchett. When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was watched Knight Rider (the TV show with David Hasselhoff) while reading Pratchett novels. When Terry Pratchett was knighted in 2009, I thought it was the coolest things. I used to say, “No one speak to me right now, I’m watching my Knight Rider while reading my Knight Writer.”

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