37 thoughts on “And I Dared…

  1. Favorite line: “She instant wished me a DIY magazine.” Powerful imagery and emotion. It has a driving sense of destination.


  2. This is incredibly cool writing, Magaly–intelligent, sharp and clear, full of emotion but under expert control, you make it do what you want to do, and like it! Remedios Varo is one of my very favorite artists as well–Creation of the Birds, all her stuff is so original, and you do a wonderful ekphrasis here, which has the true surreal feeling of her art.

    • I ran into Remedios Varo’s work by accident a long time ago. I was researching a G.G. Márquez’s character who shares her first name, when one of her pieces on pain popped up. I spent hours enthralled in her world. I’m not sure if I have a favorite, but I can tell you that looking at her work is dangerous for me: it always leaves me wanting to write a story!

  3. I will kiss my Self into anything I can…

    This poem is a very empowering piece. I like the way your transcribed what is revealed in the Varo painting, also one of my favourite surrealists.

    • It was very empowering to write, so thanks. Yesterday was a bit of a tough day, and I wanted something fun to push me through the pain. I fell asleep looking at “Tightrope Walkers”. This poem came out of it… I’m rather pleased.

      The work of Remedios Varo has inspired me a lot in the past. I’ve written a few poems and two short stories focusing on her paintings. This is the first one I share. I will be very greedy and keep the others to myself. 😀

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