As Deliciously Geeky as Me

My Piano Man and I had a fantastic day at BookCon 2015. We’ve been sharing this kind of bookish experience for years, but I’m always surprised by what it means. I think many of us often go through life believing that we’ll never find another person whose tastes, wants and needs are as deliciously geeky as our own.

We left the house relatively early, after packing a bag with grapes, cherries, nuts, yogurt… and my medications *cough*. Because Lady Luck has a crush on my Piano Man—I’m sure of it—we got to stand under yummy shade as we waited for The Javits Center to open its doors.
BookCon (1)

One of our first missions was to check out the length of a particular line (we wanted to get an autographed book for a friend). You can see most of the autograph lines… The picture was taken more than two hours before the authors arrived.
BookCon (2)

Yes, I nearly died of fictitious shock…
BookCon (3)

Aside from the ridiculous amount of swag we got to take home, my day was brightened by the presence of author Kay Williams. I’ve never read any of her work; but dear goodness, my Wicked Luvs, this lady has spirit. I want to be her when I grow up: hair gloriously white, a smile on my lips, a pen in my hand, and a vibe of joy surrounding people waiting for a book. The image of her sharing with her readers brings a warm grin to my face every time.
BookCon (4)

If the covering of that roll of parchment had been red, my Piano Man and all of BookCon’s security guards might not have been able to remove the thing from my mad-writer’s hands.
BookCon (5)

I was ecstatic after receiving my Certified Geek button. Now, the world knows!
BookCon (6)

And because people who don’t share the yum are certainly the slime of at least 2.5 galaxies, here is a post BookCon giveaway:
BookCon (7)
To enter the giveaway
, tell me what part of this post (if any) made you smile, and why?
• The Matryoshka Murders, by Kay Williams
• Garlic, an Edible Biography, by Robin Cherry
• Winter Turning (Wings of Fire, Book 7), by by Tui T. Sutherland
• The Girl Next Door, by Selene Castrovilla
• The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, by Max Wirestone
• Black Widow: Forever Red (sampler), by Margaret Stohl
• Pop Sonnets: Shakespearean Spins on Your Favorite Songs, by Erik Didriksen
• Practicing Peace in Times of War, by Pema Chödrön

– Enter before June 9th, 11:59 EDT; the winners will be announced the next day.
– There will be three winners, selected via Random.Org.
– One title per winner (please choose a first, second and third title).
– Most of the books are advanced readers copies (ARCs); three of them are signed by the authors; two of the autographed books were signed to me (so you can tell people that you beat me silly and have a book to prove it *I’m keeping my Piano Man’s copies, so I can tell people that I beat him silly and have his books to prove it… bad to the bone, I tell you*); Black Widow: Forever Red is a sampler—the complete book won’t be out until this fall.
– Open worldwide, excluding any place where prohibited by law.
– Canadian winners, before claiming a prize, you must be ready to use your 3rd grade math.
* Best of luck, my Wicked Luvs.

This is the entire booty. So yes, there will be other giveaways in the future…
BookCon (8)

47 thoughts on “As Deliciously Geeky as Me

  1. I would have to say my favorite part was, you with Kay Williams, I can truly see you white headed, big wicked grin on your face, and still churning out delicious stories.

    The books I am interested in most are…

    The Matryoshku Murders by Kay Williams
    The Girl Next Door by Selene Castrovilla
    Practicing Piece In Times Of War by Pena Chodron

    I must say it looks like you and your Piano Man had a blast, and I’ll say it again we need a book-con here.

  2. My grin? “I want to be her when I grow up: hair gloriously white, a smile on my lips, a pen in my hand, and a vibe of joy surrounding people waiting for a book. ” I wish I had been the first to say that! I also loved the very first paragraph–you talking about being with the perfect piano man. Lucky two!

  3. *second try*
    I chose the image of horror you displayed at the length of the queues as my favourite moment (us Brits are world renowned for our queueing skills) 😀
    And my 3 book choices would be Pop Sonnets/Black Widow(obviously)/Unfortunate decisions of Dahlia moss….but you knew that right 😀 XXX

  4. Your grin with the certified geek button, definitely. ^^

    My book choices would be “Garlic”, “The Matryoshka Murders” and “The unfortunate decisions of Dahlia Moss”. Hmm, garlic …

  5. Oh wow! What a lot of booty! I wish we had a book-con in these parts.

    All of it made me smile, but mostly the picture of you in the shade with your piano man, because you both look so loved up. ♥

    My choices would be…

    The Matryoshka Murders, by Kay Williams
    Garlic, an Edible Biography, by Robin Cherry
    The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, by Max Wirestone

  6. The picture of you meeting Ms. Williams. What a wonderful treat to get to say hi to someone you admire!

    OK my three choices are:
    Pop Sonnets: Shakespearean Spins on Your Favorite Songs, by Erik Didriksen
    The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, by Max Wirestone
    Practicing Peace in Times of War, by Pema Chödrön

  7. Kay Williams made me smile. To be so full of life when my hair is completely white (& blue) is my goal. Garlic!, Pop Sonnets, Unfortunate Decisions are my top three.

  8. I loved the whole , adventure, you both up and out at the crack of light! Standing in huge line ups and surrounded by BOOKS screaming ” take me home”! PRICELESS!
    I so enjoy your city outings! xoDebi

  9. Really enjoyed sharing your happiness at this event, Magaly, and loved the pictures. What is better than a roomful of books, except a roomful of books and their authors and readers. My husband and I spent yesterday at the used book store ourselves, prowling around and stocking up on a heavy bagful of wondrous written words–he was often ridiculed in childhood as was I for ‘keeping his nose in a book all the time’ instead of who knows what our rather noisome parents would have preferred–probably putting us to work in an illegal clothing factory or something. ;_) (We were both put to work before we turned sixteen–he picking fruit in the orchards of the west coast and I in a dimestore, stapling labels to clothing in a dark basement–your parents had to sign waivers as it was against the child labor laws–true story.) Anyway, those days, however they shape one, belong to the past, and out of the past, we brought the future in bright bindings and exotic written worlds. Just saying I am so happy that you have your kindred spirit to share moments like this.

    • Old bookstores–with the scents of stories that have been around for so long that they can tell tales of their own–oh, how I love those places. My Piano Man and I area always looking for those treasures, and enjoying them… I, too, was the strange kid who wouldn’t stop reading. I think I was a bit too violent to let others gather the courage to ridicule me, but I could see the unexplainable disdain in their eyes. People are so strange… I will never get why someone’s behavior can make another person so nervous, even when said behavior doesn’t affect them at all. Maybe we’ll have to find a book about that…

  10. Need u ask??! The title of the post was what made me smile.. also the food and meds u dragged along….but the best part is , I could feel the excitement and pure joy u displayed… your love of books is the same as mine.. your joy was equal to a 5 yr. old opening up presents..
    btw, I will leave the book choosing to you… any autographed one would be exciting-

    • The meds situation was quite funny. There are things that I have to take (or apply) every couple of hours, so I would get out of a line to take care of it… in the middle of hundreds of people. Yep, I kept on making myself giggle. 😀

  11. Your look of fictitious shock, of course, was one on the things I liked best.
    Any title will do, I know your tastes coincide, overlap, are bests buddies with mine. It looked like sooooo much fun! Glad you had a great day!

  12. Your grin and your t-shirt, which I think says ‘Grim Readers Book Club’ … that’s what made me smile! 🙂

    At the moment, I am going through another ten boxes of books in the basement to see what else I can take to the second-hand bookstore. So although I’d love another book, I really don’t have any more room. Really Sad Face.

    • That t-short was a present from my friend, Rommy. She said that she saw it and knew it had to be mine. I LOVE it!

      And I totally understand the book situation. I’ve been getting quite attached to ebooks lately…

  13. First I have to say my favorite part was finding out there is such a thing as a bookcon. Omg. I wish to earn my geek button!!!! I would be thrilled at winning any of these titles as I have yet to read them! I hope to one day be bookcon bound!

  14. How much fun can you pack with grapes, cherries and yogurt in one day?
    Well a shitload it seems! Well I chuckled out load at your face in the sea of queues, smiled how you appreciated shade to stand in with the beautiful PM, grinned at the meeting of 2 generations of writing talent photographed deep in some conspiracy conversation (Kay Williams looks like she exudes words AND energy)… Actually I have had a great day, lot’s of grins, thanks for sharing, and how did you know I love plump dark cherries? 😉

  15. I love the picture of you after getting your geek button!! Closely followed by your comments about wanting to be Kay Williams when you grow up……I love that phrase and use it often. I cannot imagine how great being at bookcon would be. My choices would be: The Matroyshka Murders, The Girl Next Door, and The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss. OMG, the chance to win books, heaven!! Thanks so much!

  16. How awesome that BookCons even exist!!! As I am guilty of being a tad excitable (don’t really feel guilty about it at all! 😉 ), I’m getting all sorts of vicarious thrills from your delight at such a fun event. 😀

  17. Oh my gosh what a delightful post! That grin on your face just never faded once! So delightful to see you so happy. That divine stall selling parchment and leather journals and satchels, oh my that made me smile for sure! I would loooove to partake in your giveaway! The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, The Matryoshka Murders, and The Girl Next Door are my top three!

  18. Has to be you and your geek button !! and your meeting with Kay…….yep, I can so picture the white hair, the smile and it wouldn’t be you without the pen !

    My 3 choices would be Garlic !, Dahlia Moss and The Girl next door , although any of them would be book heaven 😀 ☆★

  19. You are so cute! You really are priceless!!! I am not going to enter this time. I will be a good girl ;o) I can’t keep up with Facebook and Blogging and everything else right now. No time to read! LOL! Bad words, sorry! LOL!

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