New York Fun and Stuff…

I love summer—the heat, nature’s noises, the green, the not having to wear so many layers in order to keep flesh and bones from freezing, the fresh fruits and veggies… the outdoorsy yum. This year, my summer was made even better by a visit from my friend, Rommy.

Most of our time was spent walking around the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan.
1 - New York City Skyline

We went to Radio City to see my Piano Man conduct the New York Spectacular.
2 - Magaly and Rommy, Radio City

There was shopping (and serious consumption of guava and dragon fruit).
3 - Rommy, by Central Park

We threw elbows while riding the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island (more on that later).
4 - Rommy and Magaly, on Liberty Island Ferry

As the blissful look on her face suggests, Rommy really enjoyed the kiss of the cooling wind.
5 - Rommy, on Libery Island Ferry

I assumed a fierce stance in front of Lady Liberty *cough, cough, cough*.
6 - Magaly, by the Statue of Liberty

We had the coolest time at the Society of Illustrators, a visit that deserves its own post…
7 - Earth Guardian, by Julie Dillon

What about you, my Wicked Luvs, what have you been doing?

I Kiss the Land with My Feet

Rommy is visiting for the weekend, and we want to spend as much time as possible conquering New York City. But I couldn’t skip a Sanaa’s Prompt Nights. Not when today’s theme reads as if it sprouted out of my own mouth: “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”.

“I Kiss the Land with My Feet”

I kiss the land with my feet,
letting the world fill my blood
with song that tells of flesh
moving, dreaming, living, being

so wildly happy.

When my blood sings,
I dance until my bones cackle.
I live for me. And for others, too,
if they respect my song.

a wee note…
– Expanded Poem Bits of Fiction and Poetry, 14 (from “Respect My Song”)

Respect My Song