Be (You) Untamed

Mama Zen, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, invited us to write a poem of 60 words or fewer, inspired by a tarot card’s art, meaning, mood… whatever works. My muse and I were presented with The Hanged Man (and a paragraph of mystical vagueness). She ripped inspiration out of the artwork and some of the text explaining the card’s meaning: “Make no accusations but respect your own self-interest”.

Refuse all unwanted
leashes. Be wicked.
Be your own sort
of beast. Be wild.
Be (you) untamed.

the wee notes…
– The text of this poem bit comes from one of my blackouts (view it on Instagram).
– And please don’t forget, that something beautifully freakish this way comes… 😉

from the Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot, by Dark Horse Deluxe

55 thoughts on “Be (You) Untamed

  1. Respecting one’s own self-interest here has dragon wings and sings upside-downly: reversal is the cure. The Hanged Man is the only card which starts out reversed, and so is I think the magus of she who laughs in the dark and finds the the throat-slitting slitherers both comfort and boon. “Be wicked” — though there is no guile here. Real evil is a mask here, a way to boo the badness on. Amen.

  2. I remember as a kid being so reserved.. It had a lot to do w/upbringing… My parents had me in check it seems 24/7… They would just give a look if I said or dared act in anyway i.e. gregarious, give my opinion, etc… So, I would just sit back.. A cousin gave a compliment of sorts when he said ‘ Chrissy is so reserved, she is smart, she takes it all in’.. yes I did, but would of loved to have let it out…
    It wasn’t till I was older that I did ‘let it out’… The cost was leaving home before I wanted to… That’s ok, I learned a lot… It felt good to speak my mind and do what I wanted to do.

      • It was bittersweet. My mom was told to tell me to leave. I defied my dad. I stood up for myself and he held a grudge for eight yrs. I wanted independence but not that way. He didn’t want me to grow up

        • Having to walk away from those we love, especially when the reasons for leaving is that they are trying to protect us in strange ways, is never easy. But in order to be, we must grow up… and that always involve change, and (sadly) pain.

  3. That’s the way to go. Let us not be tamed by anyone or anything. I like the power resonating in this. 🙂

    Incidentally, I too got the hanged man.

  4. ‘Untamed’ “your own sort of beast” mmm… I can attest to it not winning my in-laws over, funny though, at least they dislike me, not the hypocrite I needed to become to win their approval 😉 I do love this Ms Wicked (& approve haha)

    • Hypocrisy is never a good ingredient in the cooking up of relationships. No one needs that sort of sourness. I can never imagine you being anything other than “your own sort of beast.”

    • The words share such similar sounds and start with the same letters. Let’s just hope that “be (you)” doesn’t bring a sense of “beware” in too many hearts. It would be a shame to go around being afraid of being ourselves.

      And I love that tarot deck, so peculiar. 🙂

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