Belief-Made Rainbows

My hands have been feeling rather stiff lately, so I decided to color a bit. When I examined my masterpiece, I thought it looked as if the moon had dressed up for a party hosted by Dr. Seuss and Coldplay. Then I noticed she was wearing a mask and concluded that like many others, the moon, too, was celebrating the start of the Year of the Fire Monkey. It makes perfect sense…

“Belief-Made Rainbows”

On the first night
of the Fire Monkey,
she eclipsed her eye
with night’s coal,
decked her shine
with fiery ribbons,
and crimsoned her lips

until the stars rose green
with pure celestial envy.
Dr. Seuss and Coldplay
bloomed her a garden
on a stage of soil.

My cackles and I danced
for her, clad in nothing
but belief-made rainbows.

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Belief-Made Rainbows

41 thoughts on “Belief-Made Rainbows

  1. “until the stars rose green
    with pure celestial envy.”

    That is just gorgeous! I guess I still have the Super Bowl on my mind; I’d rather have Bruno Mars bloom my garden!

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