Bleeding Hurts

The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the year,   
of wailing winds, and naked woods, and meadows brown and sere.
~ William Cullen Bryant

I saw a heart
carved in bone,
split in two pieces,
bleeding hurts…

Under bare limbs,
autumn weaves
a fiery blanket of death,
waiting to rot
back to life.

“Do you hear me, man?” the Wind howls. “You’ve turned the Seasons into a ruthless bitch. And through the bark, Nature is weeping her heart out.”

– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and Hedgewitch’s Friday 55.

57 thoughts on “Bleeding Hurts

    • And I’m right with you when it comes to damaged trees. I went for a walk looking for some solace–and I found some–but I was also very upset. Now the trees are losing their dress is really easy to see how badly they’ve been treated. We can be really, really stupid creatures.

  1. I never cease to be amazed at humans total disregard for their own environment. Profit first and survival later if we can fit that in on dying planet. Let us hope there are more than just poets moaning and gritting their teeth.

  2. My goodness that picture… it’s really sad when trees get damaged 🙁 I have never seen them losing their covering before! Your poem is fresh and raw with pain and distress. *Big hugs*

  3. I’m going to spend a lot of time with this poem and hold it close to my own heart. It touches me, every line piercing me separately. 💔

  4. “waiting to rot
    back to life.”

    I’ve always loved the idea of life springing from death. Sort of a compost thing, you know? And eggs being laid in the dead for new life, etc.

    And death does lead to more life in the world, but it’s a great image, to boot.

  5. I’ve seen similarly damaged trees around here, weakened by thoughtless people. Yeah, that last bit is a warning if I ever heard one. The progression of the seasons are normally a lovely thing, but because humans seem to have this need to carve into things (shale as well as trees) without thought for consequences, they (we) will be the ones suffering for it in the end.

  6. I am so glad the trees in our woods are undamaged and standing, holy and complete…except for their leaves of course! the warning in this is palpable. the most dangerous predator on this planet is man.

  7. Powerful and blistering! I could feel the arrow twist in my heart..seeing that image and feeling the deep rush of energy in your amazing words….your writing is intensely beautiful and profound!!

    A fiery blanket of death( wowness)

    The earth, trees, the land /nature, all so sacred, it is always so sad to see the damage caused. One can kill a tree even by simply taking some of it’s bark off. very sad!

    Thanks for filling my soul and piercing my heart! a visit here always shifts me!
    Hope you are having a beautiful evening

    • People are so good at not noticing what they believe doesn’t affect them, or what is too different to be real. I told someone–who assured me trees can’t feel–to let me carve something on his skin with a dirty knife while he’s gagged. If he doesn’t scream, then he doesn’t feel, right? *sigh* I know how horrible this sounds. I was just really mad.

      Hope your weekend is full of wonder, my friend.

  8. Nice break of form from short lines to long in that last stanza as it draws the eye to it. Bone heart broke…is a cool fragment up front. A heart already calcified has to be quite brittle. I like the contrast too with the use of fiery, which speaks to heat, which autumn does not always have. Its bitter cold here this morning. A cold bitch surely. Ha.

    We were both talking with the wind a bit in our 55s.

    • I like that although autumn dances in with a chill (and with a frost, every now an again), its colors are so bright that it makes the eyes think warm thoughts. Well, it makes my heart think warm thoughts, and I welcome them… in the same way I open my heart to the necessity of the natural rot… And, of course, the bitchy retaliation man has created.

      I was smiling when I read your contribution for this week, love what you did with the wind, what it does for your speaker. 🙂

  9. My earth mother side weeps for this…yet in the end I have a feeling that Nature is stronger and smarter than we are, and that all we do to tamper with her matrix will merely reflect itself back on us, while she adapts and continues, albeit in forms we may not be able to guess. I’ve worked with trees and plants all my professional life, and there is one thing I know–they are stubborn to live. This is an excellent 55, Magaly, and thanks for your kind comments on my own. I hope you are feeling well and where you want to be today.

    • She will always be stronger than everything else, even in her death… The more some of us forget that fact, the harshest the knowledge will carve itself into our bones.

      Thank you for the wishes. Today, I am.

  10. I’m sorry for that tree! I read what you were saying, someone carved a heart on it. They should have just sent the tree some love! I’m so happy the tree grew strong!
    “Waiting to rot back to life”! So true! The cycle of life!
    Big Hugs!!

  11. Would that we could see the error of our consumer ways. It is right to be sad and angry about climate change. I sometimes yell at my screen when I see another environmental protection stripped away by the man in the White House.

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