Bubbles and Bones

I need to stay away from things like “Shakespeare in Spray Paint and Other Literary Graffiti”. You see, I rarely publish two posts on the same day; my laziness doesn’t care for it. Besides, I didn’t want you to miss my previous post, where I said that I had a delicious exchange with Sherry, and that you can read the interview on Poets United.

But… I was flying by dVerse… and De said she wanted a quadrille with bubbles! No one can truly expect me to resist bubbles… or Poe painted on a wall wearing a ridiculously angry hat. So here is the poem I shouldn’t have written. It has bubbles in it. 😀

“Bubbles and Bones”

Poe shall play with bubbles
nevermore. His heart is deep in
the game of bones, cats, eyeballs,
and perhaps a cousin’s teeth.

I like to write cousins with teeth
in them… I love bubbles,
bones, eyeballs, and Poe
to play in the dark with.


Poeborrowed from “Shakespeare in Spray Paint and Other Literary Graffiti

49 thoughts on “Bubbles and Bones

  1. I seriously laughed out loud at: “my laziness doesn’t care for it”

    After the past week I’ve had, I’m definitely relating to that sentiment! 😀

    And bubbles, bones, eyeballs and Poe… what’s not to love?!! P(o)erfect!!

  2. I’m pretty sure that most interesting people are at least somewhat lazy. 😉

    But seriously, you’ve made me realize that this man who was so dark, tormented, and disturbed might also have liked bubbles — or watching someone else blow them. Also, you have me wondering if he was deeply in love with a young girl at one point. A bubble-blowing sort of girl. What happened? Did she die? What she kidnapped away from him? Anyway, you get the idea. You’ve revved up my imagination, which is why I read poetry in the first place.

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