Of Former Lovers

He kissed the tip of my tongue at sunrise, and I tasted gen: I would never be me without him in my mouth; my heartbeats would fade and die without him filling my veins. I was addicted to his scent, to his fluid skin, to the jolt he shot into my mind. Forever yours, I thought… But by noontime, his breath soured my day. I still wanted him. Thought, I need you… And I was wrong; for under moonlight, my tongue kissed a new lover. I am me.

a tree gone liquid,
in me this dark and shining—
my coffee-less tongue.

Process Note – After a series of stomach problems, I was advised to gradually reduce my intake of coffee… until I had to stop drinking it all together. A couple of days ago, my doctor said that it was safe to go back to a cup or two a day. I brewed my first pot grinning like a mirth-filled maniac… then I sipped the coffee… just to have my tongue tell me that we no longer care for its taste. Now I go to bed with tea, and wake up to tea. And love it like that.

Gen – I never used the word “gen” before today, so I wanted to share its meaning: information; find out about.

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Sunday’s Mini-Challenge: Judith Wright). Grace, the challenger, says Judith Wright started losing her hearing in her 20s. My poem was inspired by Wright’s “Five Senses”; the middle line of the haiku section of my haibun, “in me this dark and shining”, is a direct quote.

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Abstract Love“Abstract Love”

My Weird Sisters

The natural size of a coven is one,
and we are

one Motherly Maiden,
one Youth-Filled Crone,
one Me (wicked dark)

and healing
(with word and deed),
we bring balance
into our coven of one…

my Weird Sisters and Me.

Process Note: “The natural size of a coven is one” is a direct quote from Witches Abroad, the third book of Terry Pratchett’s Witches,  also the twelfth of his Discworld Series. Pratchett’s satirical writing is filled with wit that leaves readers roaring madly… and thinking critically.

A Later Note (added 8/8/15): When I first published this poem, I said that the quote came from Wyrd Sisters. I bet Pratchett and DEATH found it funny.

Wyrd Sisters by SharksDen“Wyrd Sisters: Discworld Cover Painting”, by SharksDen

Under Gothic Masks

In the beginning, there was energy
seeping out of hearts and guts
and souls
fueling the world,
making our everywhere and everything.

We shaped it (him? her? Our choice…
in our own image;
filled it with screams and fears
and hopes, wants, unknowns and…
so many desires.

We masked it—with nicer pieces
of us—shrouding the daunting,
and called it Everything…

energy ripped off ironclad camouflage,
mind-crafted lips spat back
our old, old, old words;

we ran and hid
under Gothic masks,
having forgotten We
once made Everything.

for Magpie Tales 280
(I wasn’t going to write anything for this on, but then Rommy got inside my head;
the woman is a menace, I tell you…)

Giant Iron Mask