Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2017

“April is the cruellest month”, T.S. Eliot said. His dark pronouncement was quite correct, methinks. So, on April 21st, 2017, we get to echo his sentiment by crafting some dark and cruellest poetry of our own. And since we are irrepressible word-rioters, let’s spice things up with Percy Shelley, and remind society that “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world” (or, at least, the self-proclaimed activists of their nations). Yes, I’m inviting you to join me on a long weekend of deliciously dark poetry of Protest and Outrage.

Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month: Protest and Outrage is open to any person (with a blog or public virtual platform) who enjoys writing, sharing and reading dark poetry.

The phrase “protest and outrage” might nudge our minds towards socio-political thought, but this event is not about politics. Your dark protest can explore road rage, the weather, pain that refuses to let your body bend in the way you want it to, and yes, it can also be inspired by any social mayhem that might be getting on your last nerve. Let’s protest darkly and bare our poems in outrage. And let’s have a blast while we do it.

Please know that this is not only for people who have claimed words as their artistic weapon of choice. If you paint, protest on canvas and craft a poem to go with it. If you garden, show your outrage through a poem birthed out of plants and soil. If you are a dragon rider, well… if that’s your case, I hope your poem is full of fire, claws and teeth.

To participate, leave me a comment that includes your blog’s name and URL. If you are not a blogger, but wish to join the poetic fun via a social media platform, then leave me a comment with the name you use in said platform and the direct link to your profile.

Example for blog and website users:
– Magaly Guerrero

Example for Instagram users:
– @MagalyGuerreroInDarkerWords

Example for Facebook users:
– Magaly Guerrero

I’ll update the Darkly Outraged Participants list (see end of post) as the names come in.

Rules and Stuff
. The party starts on April 21st (9:13am EDT) and ends on April 25th (11:59pm).
2. You can post a new poem every day of the party (I reserve the right to delete links to poems that fail to meet our deliciously dark protest and outraged theme).
3. Be respectful with your poetry and your comments. This doesn’t mean that your tone can’t be fiery. Just keep in mind that this is a civil poetic exchange, not a brawl.

On the first day of the party, April 21st, I will publish a post to house our links. The post will stay on top until the 25th (lucky post *cackles*).

Also, the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads will be hosting its April Prompt-a-Day Challenge. I will be the host for April 3rd, 9th and 21st. Our Rommy will host on the 15th and 28th. The more the merrier, so stop by if the poetic mood hits your muse. 😉

Ready to Protest darkly and be poetically Outrage(d)? I am. So is the lady below.
Grab the banner. Spread the word. Poetize darkly.

Darkly Outraged Poets
1. Magaly Guerrero
2. Groovy Gothic (IG)
3. Rasz Art Designs
4. The Passionate Crone (poetry)
5. Daydream Believer
6. Kestril’s Rhythms and Groove
7. Khaya Ronkainen
8. Vanessa Condez (IG)
9. Helen Patrice
10. Ashtoreth Eldritch
11. SunshineShelle
12. A Dash of Sunny
13. Emotion (Sometimes) Recollected in Tranquility
14. Pen and Feather

The Day Before the Soirée

Dearest Wicked Luvs,

Since I’ve been pelting you with Drusilla’s letters, nonstop for a week, I thought it might be sensible to give you a day to catch up with the reading before the Soirée. Here are the Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote tales, in order of publication:

A Date for the Vampire’s Day Soirée (1st Letter)
Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote (2nd Letter)
A Hauntingly Mad Tea Party (3rd Letter)
A Charming Unkindness of One (4th Letter)
Four Sutural Enhancements and a Velvet Cape (5th Letter)
Special Interests (6th letter)


Drusilla Amarantha Tepes, the Only
by Emma Yardis, of Groovy Gothic

She’s Cute, Creepy and Completely in Love with Herself

When I shared the first “Camp Cute, Creepy (and quite conveniently) Remote” story, a reader suggested that pointing out that Drusilla, the main character, had no arms or legs, “and worse, making her disability into a joke was insensitive” of me.

A few days ago, I announced on Facebook that I had revised Drusilla’s stories and planned to republish them on the days preceding Holly’s Vampire’s Day Soirée. The same reader told me she was “very happy to find out [I] had listened to [her] and rewrote the Camp stories.”

I was confused at first. Then, I remembered the conversation… and felt even more puzzled—I revised the web serial to standardize the format and to fill in some plot holes, not to change the content. Drusilla’s story is all about her being delighted with what and who she is and feeling annoyed (even livid) towards anyone who wishes to change her.

The writing never makes fun of Drusilla’s body. As of right now, the word “disabled” hasn’t been used in “Camp Cute, Creepy (and quite conveniently) Remote”. Our Drusilla is different, not broken. I don’t think she wants people to walk around pretending that they don’t notice that she’s armless and legless. In fact, I’m certain the real insensitivity lies in not seeing her and appreciating her exactly as she is—cute, creepy and completely in love with herself.

Anyhoo, the rewritten Drusilla stories will start going live on Wednesday, at midnight Eastern Standard Time, so you will have the chance to judge for yourself. I will post one tale every day, from February 8th to February 14th, except the 13th.

Your thoughts, my Wicked Luvs?

Drusilla Amarantha Tepes, the Only
(stitched to life by Emma Yardis, mistress of Groovy Gothic)