Chains, Whips, and Posh Noise Cancelling Devices

Tarot, The Lovers, by bluefooted“Tarot, The Lovers”, by bluefooted

Lily read the sign hanging above the door of her shop, Fortune Telling Lessons, and sighed. She hated having to peddle her gift. But fortune telling was losing most of its fortune, and Lily still needed to pay bills and feed her dogs. Deep in her gut, her principles (and the cards that told her that her new ventures were opening her life to the dark eyes of chaos) were wishing her first student would never show up.

“Greetings, Madam Seer!”

“What?” The loud and bright-as-glass-shards voice made Lily jump.

The girl smiling in front of her stretched a hand, gloved in black lace from nail tip to elbow. Everything she wore was black. Her irises were black. “I signed up for your Tarot class? I’m Luciernega.”

“Like the glow-worm?” Lily blinked a few times. “I thought your name was Christine.”

“It was. But someone who tells the future must be called something more mysterious than Christine.”

“I see,” Lily said, guiding her into the shop. She had been startled by what she had noticed of the girl’s personality. But after three cups of chamomile tea and a tour of the shop, the girl’s peculiar ways were starting to grow on her.

Half an hour later, they sat across from each other on the small round table Lily had designated her teaching space. Luciernega’s garb matched the tablecloth.

“Before I attempt to teach you my method of seeing with the cards,” Lily cut the deck, “I think it’s important we learn about what you can already see on your own.” She flipped her Future card to reveal The Lovers. “Look at the card. Breathe in the image. Savor its substance. Digest it. Let it permeate your senses. Invite it to share itself with you. Taste it… Can you taste it?”

“Oh, I can taste it,” Luciernega said, her wild eyes fixed on the card.

“Good. That’s really good,” Lily whispered the words. “Now tell me what the card says about my future.”

Luciernega cocked her head to one side. “It hints of depths and hipness.”

Hipness… Lily thought. “But what does it say about what’s to come?”

Luciernega’s eyes were tightly shut. “It says tomorrow depends on decisions involving the chicest of socks and rather compromising tentacle porn.”

Lily took a deep breath, told herself that everyone sees and learns differently. “What else do you see?”

“Blindfolds are to be avoided.” Luciernega’s tone held a nearly terrifying surety. “But a stethoscope over the heart is a must. Wait!” The girl smacked the card. “There is something else.”

“What is it?” Lily’s heart drummed anxiety tunes against the inside of her ribcage. “Tell me, child.”

“Earmuffs, I think. No, not earmuffs—way too small for earmuffs… It’s one of those really posh noise cancelling devices. Earbuds. You’ll travel in a plane. Or, perhaps, you’re just moving to New York City and need a way to protect your tympanic membrane from destruction.”

Lily had to visualize paid bills and well fed dogs, in order to keep herself from telling the girl that she had no future in the fortune telling arts. “Anything else?”

“Yes. I see chains, whips… and I hear susurrations of lost innocence, gained thrusts and safe words.”

Lily must’ve stayed silent for too long, because Luciernega had opened her eyes and was now watching her with concern that seemed older than the world. “There is no need to cry,” the girl in black said.

“Cry?” Lily said, lifting a hand to her cheek and discovering evidence of liquid frustration spilling out of her eyeballs. She couldn’t teach this Christine gone Luciernega. The girl is half mad, she thought.

“Seriously, Madam Seer, don’t cry.” Luciernega patted Lily’s hand. “If you give it to your lover easily and fearlessly—using the right combination of thrusts and safe words, of course—all will be just fine.

Lily wailed. The city was going to cut her power, and she would have to find new homes for her dogs. The idea of her old puppies living away from her was breaking her heart. She just couldn’t—

“The card doesn’t say anything about old puppies, but your heart line extends to the Mount of Jupiter. See?” Luciernega ran a fingertip from the edge of Lily’s hand to the spot where palm met forefinger. “Right below your index, that’s lots of love, Madam Seer… great dreams and wonders.”

Gently, Lily pulled her hand away from Luciernega’s grasp. “I said nothing to you about my dogs? Who are you? Have you been watching me?” She had been so stupid. Her ethics had kept her from reading the girl’s fortune without permission before beginning the lessons. “Who told you about my dogs?”

“You did,” Luciernega said. “I never read cards before. But I’ve been reading minds since I was seven and a half and my cousin hid my Black Alice tea set.” A shadowy smile brightened the girl’s dark eyes.

And for the first time since they met, Lily was smiling too. Who said dark chaos had to be a bad thing?

a wee note…

– Linked to Sanaa’s Prompt Nights – Let’s take a look at the cards, shall we?
– I visited My Fortune Teller, chose 3 cards, and wrote the very first tale that came to mind… after reading the info for my Future card (The Lovers): “The lovers indicate that decisions need to be taken wholeheartedly. Only when we make a decision without compromise it will lead to happiness [Really!]. On a spiritual level, you benefit from a spiritual leader. However, do not follow blindly. Be critical and listen to your heart. Use what can help you and set aside the noise. The lovers stand for innocence, trust and joy. We give our love to others with ease and without fear. Keywords:  Love, Harmony, Inspiration.”
– This one was a hysterical blast to write. I hope it births a giggle or three out of you. 😉

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA 😀 Oh my God 😀 Magaly I don’t think I can stop laughing ❤💜 gosh I was literally holding onto my stomach where she says ““Seriously, Madam Seer, don’t cry.” Luciernega patted Lily’s hand. “If you give it to your lover easily and fearlessly…” Beautifully executed! Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤💜

    Lots of love,

  2. I must confess that choosing the three cards and interpreting them myself made writing my piece easy too. It was fun to do and am so glad you had so much fun with it as well. Clearly reading minds has a certain advantage over Tarot cards which can always be interpreted a number of ways.

  3. This story made me so smiley! Using a tarot card image as a writing muse is a great idea. There are so many amazing decks out now.
    You are the High Priestess of stories! 🙂

  4. Oo-la-la! Thrusts and safe words! This had such a Steampunkey feel to me. Darkish and delightful. I think these girls are going to be the best of besties! I would love to read them again, sometime?

  5. That was AWESOME!!! CWS…I got the lovers too, but for my past. Not complaining mind as he is still in my present and will be in my Future *and I want those gloves…sure I had some once* :d XXX

  6. Loved this Magaly. It gave me a short story idea. Thinking to write one featuring me and Holly, with Alice :). Much love my dear, miss you on Facebook xXx

    • I hope you have fun in the writing of your tale.

      I’m sorry we haven’t seen each other too much on Facebook. When I stopped using my profile, my friends list was deleted. It has taken me a while to friend people back. But I’m always her on my blog. 😉

  7. This was fun. You wrote it in a way where I initially disregarded the idea that it was going to end the way it did – with the student as someone way better than the teacher. I’m not sure how you cut off that route so I wouldn’t go there myself before you were ready, but you did.

  8. And an absolute blast to read – i loved every word and picture.. also a Black Alice tea set – can we come to play? Great to read your work again ❤️

  9. Oh this was hysterical! I started snickering with the glow worm girl’s name (it reminded me of a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chanterelle, the mushroom) and kept giggling from there.

  10. I felt I was in the room observing this exchange. I happen to have a little mind reading Lily of my own. I feel the urge to get back into the cards..thanks.

  11. You listen to me, missy. I have a sleeping child on either side of me, and my laughing is shaking the whole bed (perhaps the whole house!). This is fabulous!

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