Chances Waiting to Be Taken

I find myself dreading the news… and many Facebook posts… But I refuse to close my eyes… even when life looks horrible. We can’t fight (or hope to make sense of) what we can’t analyze and digest. We can’t grab chances gently by the throat, if our heads are in the sand. So I will watch… and art my rage… in order not to bleed it like a stain.

“Chances Waiting to Be Taken”

Eyes full of ashes,
Tomorrow stumbles on ice
and empires weep Blues.

Horror is coming
to die. I hear the wailing
and echo the chant
of chances waiting
to be

I will turn my heart
towards the brightest and dark
bits of the dwarfed dawn.

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51 thoughts on “Chances Waiting to Be Taken

  1. I love this sentence: “So I will watch… and art my rage… in order not to bleed it like a stain.”

    “Art my rage” is a fantastic expression.

    Gorgeous poem as well, especially this line: “Tomorrow stumbles on ice” Also, that closing haiku is superb.

  2. Magaly, I totally share your fear of getting to know things I would rather never heard or saw!
    But this is OUR reality. We don’t live in ignorance, and being aware of things happening around us makes us stronger. I think so.
    Take care dear! Blessed be!

  3. I am guessing this is about the election. As a visitor, currently in the US, I am struck by the high levels of fear but then there are high levels of fear in the US in general.

    Is there really so much to fear when the American system as a constitutional republic and a variation on the theme of democracy, has, like all modern nations, checks and balances within the system?

    Politicians tend to be better than many fear and worse than a lot hope.

    • I don’t usually argue anyone’s reading of art. Since we tend to see what we know and what experience has taught us. But if you read fear here, I would urge you to read again… and to watch out for the teeth.

  4. I can relate to your post of reading FB posts specially from close friends and family ~ I am taking a break right now to maintain the peace ~ I guess both sides are unwilling to listen and compromise ~ I really love that hint of hope and optimism in your ending lines ~ Art your rage – love this ~

  5. I would have to agree with you about your statement of being more worried about the people who put our newly elected into office rather than the politicians themselves…for sure!

  6. Art your rage…which is a beautiful expression. I stay away from all things politucal on FB, whether American, Australian, Canadian, etc. I much prefer waiting it out a few months, give it a chance to calm down. I don’t think more people are terrible nowadays, I just think there is media overload.

    • Oh, I’m sure anyone who is terrible now was just as terrible last month. I just think that when it comes to certain portion of the US population, the rhetoric of the President elect made them feel like they can now say and do things they might not have considered before.

  7. I can’t pretend to understand this fear – it just seems to be feeding upon itself into a far greater frenzy than needs be… but your viewpoint is taken and well expressed. I think the same violence is being played out … and bad thugs always want an “excuse” I actually see MORE unity, more support, more compassion. Even from “the one who shall not be named”….

  8. so much of the news is so bleak lately. Just when one thinks that humanity has started to mature a bit, all of the wackos come flooding out into the streets. Art your rage! I love the phrase, “grab opportunity gently by the throat”. Love the seeming contradictions in those phrases…but I get what you are saying. As poets, perhaps it is our job to use beauty to destroy the ugliness that would just love to engulf us.

  9. Absolutely, positively, for sure the way to turn one’s heart is toward the dawn. No matter how dim it is, it will brighten and lower, brighten and lower, like a flickering candle, each day bringing what is destined. And even though some believe they are making changes, they are not. They are simply following the path. Love this! Love and light to you, Ms. Magaly.

  10. I guess hatred has been festering in hearts a long time. Kind of nice to see the mask off cause then at least you know who your enemies are. It has made me fighting mad- I want this evil of hate to be crushed against races, women, gays, handicapped, and all other marginalized groups.
    I wish we felt as strongly about each other as we do our political beliefs.
    Keep writing Magaly, it is your strength.

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