Climbing Trees in a Skirt

I had a threesome of girls living on the tip of my tongue. At fifteen, their separate existence was my living. On Fridays, the girl I guarded most spent hours at the library meeting gods, talking to dead people with a past, and discussing the benefits of flax seed on festering wounds. Fridays were short. Weekdays were womanned by a camouflaged girl who knew patience—library girl would’ve never survived hand-to-mind combat against nuns who believed Jesus rose to save souls while teaching math. Home girl was wicked fun and fierce. She looked hot blood in the eye, never pretended not to know, climbed mango trees wearing skirts, and cackled with the moon.

fifteenth spring of life…
tight triad of one, morphing;
she’s growing her Self

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 15 – Fifteen: Write a poem about the town or city where you spent the fifteenth year of your life. If a poem about said place doesn’t move your muse, try something memorable that happened when you were that age. Introduce us to fifteen-year-old you.

Defiance, by Angie Wright

Defiance”, by Angie Wright

25 thoughts on “Climbing Trees in a Skirt

  1. I believe Jesus rose to save our souls FROM math….but that is just my opinion lol Love that you were cackling with the moon even then 😀 XXX

  2. Good write, Magaly. Also, I love the art. Wow, perfect face of defiance.

    Because of what Gina said, I have to tell this joke:

    A Jewish boy is struggling with math. His parents have tried every way they can think of to help him, but nothing works. Finally they hear about a successful, progressive Catholic school and, in desperation, they enroll their son.
    Soon they see a change in him. He comes home from school every day and goes to his room to study math. His grades improve drastically. His parents ask him, “We’re so happy and proud of your achievement, but how did it happen?” The son says, “Well, when I went to school and saw that guy nailed to the plus sign, I knew they were serious about Math.”

  3. Fifteen is indeed an age where our selves are in turmoil, yet here they seem united and organized, and triumphant over that very ambiguous and difficult Age of Hormones–deft and relatable writing Magaly–and good thing I didn’t read the comments first or I would have snorted coffee on your plus signs. ;_)

    • Fifteen is one of those ages when most of us feel like we we are about to burst… So much world to deal with. I think I had to grow up too fast in some ways, and not fast enough when it came to others…

      I, too, almost lost it while reading the symbols, lol!

    • I did love library girl (still do). The way she could just fly into a book, without ever having to come out… unless she wanted to. Yes, they would have been friends… and would have traveled into never ending stories dressed to kill. 😀

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