Creating (and doing some serious cackling) While at the GI Clinic

FearFear opened his life to living decay.

I created this while I waited to see my gastroenterologist. The color and shape were not chosen intentionally. I just grabbed markers and color pencils and went at it. But one needs not be a psychoanalyst to figure out what was in my mind.


Yeah, now I can’t look at this without bursting into laughter. And the whole thing is made more hysterical by the fact that the resulting poem bit is not funny at all.

17 thoughts on “Creating (and doing some serious cackling) While at the GI Clinic

  1. I can picture you so easily, sitting in the waiting room, painting in your book, and laughing out loud!! You are an amazing human-witchy being dear Magaly!

  2. The word ‘gastroenterologist’ says it all!… Your creativity came thru loud and clear… Hope your worrying and anxiety were for nothing… ((HUGS))

    • This appointment was just to discuss the side effects of the current treatment, so it went all right. I’m hoping for good news in mid April. *fingers crossed… and markers at the ready* 😀

  3. *snicker* It’s nice to know someone else’s humor is as twisted as mine. The poem is wonderfully profound and fully realized even in its brevity. It probably grew so strongly because of the growth medium it was planted in 😀 Hope everything else at the GI clinic went as well.

    • I feel seriously bad for people who have to live with severe GI issues, but who grimace at the sound of a silly fart joke. When your gut is waging war, you need to be able to laugh. A lot.

      “growth medium” LOL!

  4. I would say your subconscious is fully functioning! The poetry is a really good reminder for me today. Thanks for writing from your gut. Hope your docs are listening to it as well as you do. <3

    • If we don’t try our best to make the scary pretty to at least deal with, then the uglies take control of us. And that we cannot allow.

      Thank you for these wonderful words, Khaya. ♥

  5. You are brilliant!!! How this came about, especially, what was happening to you!
    On the other side of things, fear is nasty! As you stated above, the uglies take control of us, when we let fear in! It “screws” with our mind! That I know!! Never again!
    As you wrote to Sharon, Fear–like pain–can be such a thief, such a killer of good things.
    I hope you are doing ok my friend!
    Big Hugs!

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