Dark, Fresh and Blooming

You shan’t be ruled by your gut,
the doctor says. These 40 pills
could leave you feeling
like a violet in spring.

Dark, fresh and blooming?
I feel my heart brighten,
more than ready to sprout.

No, he tells me, purple.

I can do purple (easy, heart of mine),
some of my best friends are purple.
If that’s all it takes, I’ll rule my gut.
This spring, it will be me and the—

There is a little more, he says.
Swallowing the bullets—I don’t think
you can bite these—will help you
ignore anyone who’s talking.
You won’t even have to look at them.

I can endure
dizziness (easy, heart of mine);
those around me will understand
loopy. Purple and aloof, I can do.

No, he says to me, deaf and blind.

I watch him, and smile
with a lot of sharp teeth.

Easy, heart of mine,
let’s look in the bright side of dark.
Next spring, we might be able to sprout
as Eliot’s corpse,
and pick at a mute doctor’s brains.

Process Note: some might say that my sense of humor is much too dark to be funny. But I’m already brilliant, happy, and seriously sexy, so a traditional sense of humor might be way too much to ask for. Before I posted this, I asked one of my dear doctors to read it—he laughed like a lunatic, and said, “Women Marines make the bravest patients in the world.” I figured I should tell him about the poem, so that if he ever ran into it, he wouldn’t think that I was fantasizing about munching on his brains. Really, sir, I don’t want to do that. Honest. The caramel-filled chocolates you keep on your desk though… considered them gone.

“Eliot’s corpse”: reference to a corpse that might sprout in The Waste Land, by T. S. Eliot.

a wee announcement – Amy, one of the Wicked Darling participants, started this event without a blog. Now she has Sunshine and Daisies, if you pls. Fly over to her cyber-cottage and welcome her to blog land, spend a bit of time exploring her bright garden, steal a flower… Because that’s what we do—show up at the houses of strangers and make ourselves at home. 😀

written for The Poesy of Side Effects – Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 4 of 30)
and for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights – “Spring is the time of land’s awakening”

Foxglove, Debbie Ballou Sladek
“Foxglove, Pickering Garden, Wash.”, by Debbie Ballou Sladek
(I know these aren’t violets, but how can anyone put a violet before these beauties?)
Find more stunning examples of Debbie’s work at her Website;
and, like me, become completely addicted to her Instagram feed.

55 thoughts on “Dark, Fresh and Blooming

  1. Purple is the colour I associate with the wise old crone…so dye your hair before your next visit and say nothing mwahahahahaha….:D XXX

  2. Oh my god this is absolutely gorgeous writing Magaly 😀 especially adore “Next spring, we might be able to sprout as Eliot’s corpse, and pick at a mute doctor’s brains.” Chuckles* Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

  3. Cruelly beautiful. I had myself imagining being in your body, seeing and hearing and feeling what it might be to inhabit you. You’re this complex and amazing amalgamation of fierce and vulnerable. However it is that we stumbled upon one another I’m glad we did.

    • What I wouldn’t give for “The Magic School Bus” just about now. The things we might be able to see, lol!

      I think we ran into each other because like calls to like… and there are also those wonderful flowers of yours. 😀

  4. Again, you are an amazement! Purple, or indigo, is the color of the third eye chakra. So, if a purple pill gives you access to see across the veils, to sing the Universe, to hear Souls, I say, “Pass them around, please?” Love your humor! Glad you have doctors that do, too! Wonderful piece.

  5. A dark sense of humour is about the only kind I can tolerate. I loved your doctor patient scenario – a lot of truth between the lines.

    • I’m right with you. Friendships with people who don’t share, or appreciate my sense of humor, don’t last. Too many feelings get hurt, and knowing me… I will end up finding a way to laugh at it, and make things worse.

    • My doctors and nurses are awesome. And since we see so much of each other, the jokes get pretty spectacular. I think my life would be very different–at least my health–if they weren’t the way they are.

  6. This is perfect, purple is such a lovely color just in time for spring. And foxglove the perfect beauty. I love how you keep it upbeat throughout. “Easy heart of mine, let’s look at the bright side of dark” Wonderful addition. I enjoy your writing and dark humor my friend. Snag some chocolate covered caramels for me next time….my favorites. Thank you also for mentioning and introducing me in your blog.

    • I hope that if the purple ever comes, that I also get the spots of the foxglove. Like certain Little Princess tends to say, “colors are so much cooler when they come in patterns.” 😀

      I’m sooo glad you are blogging, and we get to enjoy your art. ♥

    • Perhaps the caricature I portrayed in the poem seems pretty brainless. But the real person behind the (rather free) allusions is a brainiac with a heart the size of Texas on steroids. 🙂

  7. Oh dear Magaly, the whole poem is so beautiful i’ts painful! I can only imagine the side effects after taking so many pills. But your positive attitude and dark sense of humour, do lighten up things. The last stanza did make me laugh:D

    • I’m so glad you mentioned the last stanza. Because I wanted to show that such an experience is indeed scary, especially at first… when we know nothing about other choices, when the pain is too harsh for compromise… But when we let time and the professional do their thing, and we do our parts as well, we can laugh… if we try. And we must. If not there will be no living.

    • All is well, Yvonne. Thank you! And getting better since in about a week we’ll be able to see if this treatment will keep me away from the purple pills. I mean, purple is cute and all, but my eyeballs might look funny as violets. 😀

  8. Ooh, darling – “I can do purple. Some of my best friends are purple” made my insides all warm and fuzzy 🙂 But the “deaf and blind” part – less so. What is happening..?

  9. There is many a wicked wonderland to be found in a psychiatrist office (and the lovely little pills they dish out) – the trick is looking sane enough to ask for more..and crazy enough to keep ’em coming (but then i’m no yard stick!) – great poem 🙂

  10. Magaly, I love you! And, I love what you wrote! Yes, I will admit, deep down inside, I am worried for you, but that is because I do love you and care for you! But, I am going to keep smiling, and dancing, when I think of you, because you are brilliant and you kick ass! You kick me in the ass all the time! You really do! LOL! The one thing I am so happy for, is that you have great doctors behind you!!! Big Hugs!

  11. This is so fun–I think there is some truth in it though.. I have to take so many pills–3 for my transplant and the rest for the side effects. So far I haven’t munched brains but I’ve been tempted.

    • Truth indeed–sad, and often frustrating, truth. I don’t have to take many things for the side effects I get from meds. But some of what keeps me “healthy” now is slowly making me sick, which means more medications later… It’s a bit of a mean little circle.

      Thank goodness you haven’t gone for brains yet! 😀

    • Oh goodness that sounds bright (and dangerous). So many pills out there are doing weird things (and more damage than good). I was prescribed a medication for nerve pain, and stopped taking after three days of literally running into walls. It was kind of funny… but it hurt.

  12. Love this prompt and wish I’d been able to play too and poke fun at some side effects. Have been enjoying reading other submissions. Makes you wonder why these drugs are allowed on the market when they can leave you purple, deaf, and blind.

    • I think they are allowed in the market because many people would probably choose purple deaf and blind over dying. They are a last resort choice. When they come into the equation, it means everything else has failed.

      The last prompt of the event lets you go back and play with any prompt you might have missed. Maybe you can give it a go then. 🙂

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