“The man lectured his pupils on anatomy, cosmography, and magic: the faces listened anxiously and tried to answer understandingly, as if they guessed the importance of that examination which would redeem one of them from his condition of empty illusion and interpolate him into the real world.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges

I woke up dream-drunk,
darling, with the taste of mud
in my mouth…

a giggle,

or, was that a cackle,
fighting for the gift of being
real, after the awakening? Not just
a memory of pine
-apple chunks and wild swallows,

but night shade(s) made flesh.

Darling, I’ve written you
alive, in ink and bone
and thoughts (no illusion).

the wee notes…
– Over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, an extremely stunning Toad invited us “to write a new poem that begins with a line out of [our] own words.” I chose a bit from a blog post I published a few weeks back, “I Shall Dream You and Write You a World”, mostly because… well, I’m sort of in love with the phrase “I woke up dream-drunk”.
Nightshade: atropa belladonna; belladonna; deadly nightshade… is remedy and poison.

I just know that passion fruit flowers were grown out of a dream.

48 thoughts on “Dream-Drunk

  1. Whistles!!❤️ This is deliciously dark and enticing, Magaly 😀 especially love the image of ” Not just a memory of pine-apple chunks and wild swallows, but night shade(s) made flesh” .. sigh.. Beautifully executed!❤️

    Lots of love,

  2. I too love the “dream-drunk”. sometimes I have awakened feeling hungover from being dream drunk but other times, the drunk stayed with me through the day and lifted me up from my daylight sobriety. I totally am in love with the last stanza. so much that is wistful in this stanza.

  3. Mesmerizing! ( pine, apples, wild swallows…such sensory worlds you create for me to feel and experience..loved every word)! I always leave here feeling changed/shifted/excited in a most beautiful way! You write the kind of poems I want to read/listen to in the dark by candlelight with my witch-soul friends.( in fact, I would love to hear you read your gorgeous poems!!)

    Thanks for morphing my world again with your poetic spells!

  4. I love where you go following your imported words — like waking from a dream with a wet strand of kelp on one’s pillow. The final “(no illusion)” is curious yet apt, allowing the poem to be wild enough where it is without having to transgress unnecessary borders. (Real enough for me.)

  5. a memory of pine
    -apple chunks

    I love how the line break here allows two of my senses to be engage – the smell of pine trees and the taste of pineapple… also colours flashed before my eyes. I love how poetry does that to a person.

  6. I love the idea of the night shades especially–such a clever phrase and used super sly here as well. A very cool poem, Magaly–thanks for a sip of the dream-inebriation. k.

  7. Yes! This is exactly it; I don’t know how many times I have woken from a morning dream–or even a middle of the night dream–and written it into a poem to make it exist in the waking world. The first part made me think of the Robert Palmer song “Woke Up Laughing.”

  8. I swear you could write anything to life, birthing existence through pen and ink and paper! Your room must seem very crowded sometimes. Dream drunk, indeed!

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