Today, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, we’re flashing each other in exactly 55 words… of poetry or prose. Hm, the phrase “imagery in the nude” just flashed into the inside of my skull. Curiouser and curiouser! Have a great Saturday, my Wicked Luvs, and read on… 😉


With fledgling hopes
haunted by life snatchers
under skins of concern),
she crafted herself
a body armor that sensed
what truly was.

When she morphed
from youngster to woman,
the snatchers went
for her dreams.

She keeps snatchers away
(and keeps her Self),
by birthing dreamcatchers
into her mind’s forests…
and living the catch.

linked to Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 292)

Dreamcatcher (journal page detail), by Joanna BennettDetail from a journal page, by Joanna Bennett
(you can find more of Joanna’s work on Instagram and on her blog)

75 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher

  1. “living the catch” I love that final line. The artwork is so rich in colour and imagery and your poem gives the abstract a form with feeling and a history. The whole is remarkable.

  2. Loved every bit of the imagery. We forget how important it is to guard our dreams, especially when we are older. It popped into my head to wonder what Shelle could do with snatchers?

  3. You always have this amazing way with magical realism that translates so beautifully to this poem. I saw it both as metaphor and as a person scooping up the choicest dreams she can catch.

  4. I knew when I saw the title that it was going to be great… To go from girl to woman… what a transition, and how important it is to keep herself..

  5. “birthing dreamcatchers into her mind’s forests…and living the catch.” Sigh such a beautiful close on this poem 🙂

    Lots of love,

  6. Oh, we must continue to work on keeping those snatchers away from our dreams! What a tragedy that so many lose them as adults! Love the message in your poem, Maggaly.

  7. Ah, this one resonates with me. We must be careful of those who would snatch our dreams. I am a dreamer and I guard them the best I can and share them when need be. One of my favorites of yours. Thank you I needed that today.

  8. This reminds me of when I was younger and dealing with bullies. To ignore them I’d daydream of mystical worlds and a life very different from my own.

    Thanks for sharing your word art. 🙂

  9. Hey, Magaly ~~ Those dream snatchers must be kept away. When young our daughter, bored, would try to play hide and seek while we were shopping. Once she was concerned when a child went screaming out of a store, dragged by a scolding adult. We were concerned about the scared child at the hands of an unhappy parent.
    Then, I said yes, but that would be a good way for a child snatcher to take a child, by pretending he or she was an angry parent, but really was a mean child snatcher. She quit playing hide and seek in the stores.
    Also the homeless women around here in the Houston (Texas) area hardly ever take showers and try to be smelling real bad so as not to be desirable to a dream snatcher.

    • Your daughter was a brilliant child (same goes for her parents). And I completely understand the attitude of the homeless women. So sad we live in a world this measures have to be taken *sigh*.

  10. You always have a way of telling a unique story that is also immediately personal and close–your last two stanzas, especially, are just stellar–and triumphant. SO have missed being able to read ( clear-headedly enough to appreciate) your work, dear Magaly.

  11. I need a set of that body armor Magaly where do I find it? You are such a good poet I hope someday to write as well as you. J.B. is a wonderful artist and your poem is lovely and full of woman power for International Woman’s Day. Hugs!

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