Dreams Are Dangerous

“The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as dreams are alive, more real than real… for a moment at least… that long magic moment before we wake.” ~ George R. R. Martin

Dreams are dangerous
flirts, that grab your heart
by the waist
and spin, spin, spin…
you out of your tale.

Dreams are dangerous
singers, whispering secrets
into flesh and soul,
of words (worlds?)
that will be forever yours,
and then,

you are awake,

wondering if
someone else really said,
“Be wild words
with me”,
or, if you were singing
to yourself.

Dreams are dangerous
flirts, that grab you…

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43 thoughts on “Dreams Are Dangerous

  1. My goodness this is good!❤️ Especially; “Dreams are dangerous singers, whispering secrets into flesh and soul, of words (worlds?) that will be forever yours.” May our dreams always be in our favor!❤️

  2. I love how the quote led you to this poem.. Also the way the opening line leads the mind astray and the second one catches it up in a dance. Lovely!

  3. If dreams could just be so flirting I would never wake… maybe nightmares are my blessing… wonderful to be those wild words

  4. Magaly…beautiful dreamspell speaking to me ! Such a wildly-gorgeous and spirited poem..I can feel the energy pulsing, so magical and rhythmic! I love( whispering secrets into flesh and soul) this makes me shimmer! What else can I say..but I love your world!
    Hugs and deep blessings for the magic your poetess soul always shines!

    • We are children of the same Nature. It’s the reason why we delight in her colors and darks and songs and dreams… why we shimmer together and love each other’s work so much. I’m certain of it.

  5. Ah the bastards, flirting and then taking off once daylight arrives and spreadsheets need to be tamed! This was quite a lot of fun to read.

  6. Whichever way you write always draws me in, dark or sexy, airy or mushy.
    My own dreamkeeper, the director of my sleeping theater, the steward of my dormant thoughts, is completely in control. I rather like it that way. Makes sleep, otherwise a void, interesting! Yes?

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