Flesh and Sweat and Love

Secrecy made us the darkest of fairy tales, trickery turned shield. We ran and hid behind realities disbelief labelled fictions. Our love fed on shadowed moons, grew as strong and wise as the wildest of storms was harsh. My witch bled spells.

“To protect our hearts,
I give flesh and sweat and love,
submit to Nature,
charm a shroud of memories
to conceal her heart in mine.”

Her lips added no other words to the chant, but her eyes spoke clearly into mine—We shouldn’t have to be prisoners of the dark. I cradled her face, kissed the silver curls her magic had been weaving into her hair. “The night will never be a cage, my heart… Not while we are free to have each other in it.”

the wee notes…
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41 thoughts on “Flesh and Sweat and Love

  1. I love how you bring fire to the night. Bless that the night will never be a cage for anyone. This series just becomes better and better.

  2. This is soooo beautiful, stirring and deeply bewildering…gorgeous writing! I love your dark fairy tales..so much to feast on here.(my witch bled spells) my soul shimmers!! magnificent!
    What a beautiful ending to my night of tea and reading your poetry!
    deep thanks and wishing you magic always

  3. Stunning, Magaly! I like the idea that the night would never be a cage ….. with the other in it. So true that a special person can make all the difference in the world.

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