Forever Bright in My Roots

I wake up to welcome the sun, and the world greets me with rain, gloom and cold. But I am merry still—my inner glow strong, my outer grin alive and warm.

Part of the world shakes its head, thinking, Mad, so mad, the Witch and her acts. No sane soul smiles and shines while all at her feet freezes and dies.

I raise my face to the sky, liquid winter touches my lips and teeth… and in my soul, an autumn-kissed sunflower speaks:

“Clouds weep cheer on Yule,
forever bright in my roots—
the Sun in Winter.”

As The Wheel turns, so do we.

Process Note: on the morning of the Winter Solstice, my Piano Man and I like to walk to one of my favorite spots in New York City to wait for the sunrise. It’s raining today, so we stayed in. But I walked out to the terrace, lifted my face to the sky and laughed (perhaps cackled a bit *cough*). When I lowered my head and looked down towards the street, two men and a woman were giving me looks that suggested they were probably questioning my sanity. So I waved at them before walking inside to write this wee haibun.

I wish you a joyous Winter Solstice, my Luvs… May the energy of the Sun forever shine, warm and bright, in all of us.

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Tuesday Platform
Sunflower in Winter

45 thoughts on “Forever Bright in My Roots

  1. Cherry Sun, Gloomy World, Merry Magaly. Wonderful introduction to this intriguing haibun (I don’t write these well). I like the little Haiku/Senryū part also (I am better at writing these and the Tanka).
    One time when we stayed in NYC, at the then Comfort Inn on Ninth Avenue and Ninth Street, out our window there was a young man singing on the corner to his boom box. He stayed a long while, there weren’t many passersby, and it didn’t seem he had a box or was taking donations of any kind. A little after midnight he left.

    • I love the haibun form, and senryū are such delicious bits. I hope to get better at it. Practice, practice, practice… right?

      Nothing surprises people in Manhattan, or at least it shouldn’t. But the rest of The City is a bit less lively. And I think that a woman in her bathrobe, laughing in the cold rain, makes everyone a bit suspicious, lol!

  2. “I wake up to welcome the sun…”. Love your opening, and your beautiful way of marking of another year end. You inspire me, as I wake up to welcome the snow:-).
    Warmest wishes for this Winter Solstice!

  3. The seasons are a gift, every one we are here to enjoy; every trial they bring has its own beauty and reward–and to meet them with joy is exceptionally wise in a young witchy woman–let them stare, I say. I love the spirit here, full of joy and reverence.

  4. Magaly, you make me smile. This reminds me of the cliche, “Smile and the world smiles with you,” No…maybe it’s the one that goes, “Smile. Make them wonder what you’re up to.” Yes, that’s it.

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