25 thoughts on “G.G.’s Rekindling Spark

  1. A fine, fine conclusion to your serial. I love the concept of Moon Days and the use of glamour. And of course it has just the right amount of fantasy and violence. Hearty approval all around, Lady Magaly.

  2. I love it and Lum acted like the action heroes of old saving his love in the end, though in a not so old fashion or maybe just so old the tales of 6ft plus moon faeries in tight silver mini-dress and five inch stilettos have long been forgotten. Already waiting for the next Lum and Darlene serial.

  3. My daughter generously allowed me some reading time while she does her homework. Very, very cool! I wonder what all the ramifications of her getting the spark will be. Dang it…now I have to wait to find out!

  4. I can almost smell that greek oregano. How intricate and wonderful this is. And you, you wicked thing, have such a fine touch when it comes to love. I can’t wait for more !(That makes both of us waiting 6 months, right?)

    • Oregano has that effect on the senses… I think I’ll plant some this spring (when it gets here). It feels right. My Piano Man just nodded at your comment about love *shakes head*.

      Six months, indeed. I was thankful to the Muse for thinking about the wait when she left the characters where they currently are… I wonder what they will do during the wait *grins at my Piano Man’s suggestions*.

    • It took you long enough, lol!

      As your very astute self might have noticed after reading the last sentence, after this, Pre-Chaos is practically inevitable.

      And I’m super psyched about it!

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