Glass Emptied of Clouds

My glass was half full, but
I was proud of its contents,
excited about possibilities…

“Oh, the life I can bring to fill
my empty half,” I used to say.

Then you came,
bringing your thoughts
into my days.

“Empty your glass,” you said,
“I have a fill of wonders.”

I allowed the emptying…

…and you filled my glass
with clouds
that looked like heavenly dreams
falling like cool expectations
against the flush of my cheeks.

I closed my eyes,
and waited for wonders…
that weren’t meant to be.

with eyes open
and opened again,
I see
huge nothings
filling the space that is you.
And I grin…
as I gather the pieces
of my glass emptied of clouds,

of clouds that seeped into dirt
and were boiled clean by the sun,
in promise of better rains…

under a cloudless sky,
I am
fixing my glass,
prettying its cracks,
naming the breaks,
proud of my work,
excited about possibilities

I will build true…

the wee notes…
– I wrote this poem a few years ago, after a break up. Some of my friends worried about me because I was “acting too calmed for comfort”. The poem was my way to appease their qualms. I wanted to let them know that getting out of the relationship I was in was a good thing, even a great thing. Breaking up is painful while it’s happening (endings hurt) but the future is always so good at the art of offering new possibilities to be taken.

I’m reposting it for a friend, whose relationship just ended. To her, I say, “Right now the world is all tears and screams and fury that whisper bloody fantasies that include smashing bones we used to love (or still love, even if they no longer deserve it), but this will pass. Time will help mend cracks… You will reclaim your Self.”

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47 thoughts on “Glass Emptied of Clouds

  1. This reminds me of my last relationship. Totally autobiographical. Each sentence is what I did,allowed and then ended

  2. prettying its cracks/ naming the breaks.. I love that…that’s exactly what one should do instead of shoving it all somewhere under a carpet. Reminds me of the Japanese art of Kintsugi…beautiful!

  3. Sage, Magaly. To me, this is the thing to notice:
    “…falling like cool expectations
    against the flush of my cheeks.”
    Beautifully said and even better acted upon.

  4. I like how this doesn’t deny there was pain, but still insists the future ahead is going to be so much better now that this experience is part of the protagonist’s past.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeously penned, Magaly ❤️ you have described with such elegance the journey of love and loss, and the emotions that carry us. Especially like; “Beaming under a cloudless sky, I am fixing my glass, prettying its cracks, naming the breaks, proud of my work, excited about possibilities I will build true.” Sigh.. we all deserve better and shouldn’t strive for anything less. Beautifully executed.❤️

    Thank you for your calming verse 💋🍹
    Lots of love,

  6. “I closed my eyes,
    and waited for wonders…
    that weren’t meant to be.”

    Yes; it is, definitely, a part of human nature TO PRESUME.

    Have a nice Tuesday Magaly

    much love…

  7. You are a wonderful friend. I am sure your poetry will help ease the pain.

    For me, your writing brings new hopes and dreams of what can be. I love it. I am painting today…I think I need to paint in a cracked glass. A hidden reminder of this beautiful poem. Hugs and love, Rasz

  8. I love the metaphor of having someone filling your glass… and the clouds can be nothing, condensing to rain (condoning maybe)… great end of saving that glass and hope there came some wonderful spring water later.

  9. We all go through some kind of breakup. Sadly many can’t re-imagine themselves into whole again. This is a beautiful poem. I feel the empowerment, the encouragement life will be better after the shattering.

    • Re-imagining oneself right after the breakup is often difficult–so many emotions fighting to be on top–but time is a good teacher… One can only have the patience to wait and see… and live.

  10. This is a great one. I think it’s a universal feeling – getting out of a long-term thing and feeling like you’ve already given away all of yourself except for the other person.

    It takes a long time to get back on track.

  11. Such a great piece about expectations, promises, and the unforeseen reality of what turned out to be an emotional con. I like the mending, the wicked delight at the resolution. Great piece!

  12. Very nice poem for the occasion. The clouds work fine, it happens like that. Like you said the cracks mend. But for me the scars stay as a reminder, as is a stifled sob sometimes when breathing in.

  13. Wow!!!! Wow!! I have been going “through” somethings. Remember, when I wrote to you, I said I was “healing”. Not from a break up, but with life things. Your words spoke to my heart!! Thank you!! Thank you so much!! “Now with eyes open and opened again, I see!” Sometimes, things keep happening until we get it! I know your friend will appreciate your words!! Love you my friend! Your words came to me at the write time! Big Hugs!

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