Gossiping with Frog-Cups

I wanted to feel you
inside out, while I peeled my skin
off your thorned bones.

I wanted to speak
your many names into the wind;
chant to all, “He’s mine!” Unwanted,
and as disposable as the twists
binding a reanimated heart to life, but mine.

Uncanny… wants
younger than the cruellest month
taste of ancient on my tongue,
when all I want is for birdsong
to bedeck the wind
(from moon till sun),
while I gossip with frog-cups.

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 29 – This Poem Has a Mission: In three stanzas, detail what (if anything) you wish to accomplish with the poems you wrote this month, or with poetry writing in general.

linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Frog-Cups in New York City)

Frog-CupsFrog-Cups (growing near my house)

46 thoughts on “Gossiping with Frog-Cups

  1. After seeing your photo on Instagram, I ended up reading up about frog-cups (and all their other cool names: snake’s head, chess flower, guinea-hen flower, guinea flower, leper lily , Lazarus bell, chequered lily, chequered daffodil, drooping tulip). I had never heard of them before.

    Your poem is extraordinary!

  2. So much passion and wonder in this! A bit of a nod to pain too, but being passionate about something always has some price, which our passion gladly pays in order to run free. I kind of love this!

  3. Nice poem. Lovely Frog-Cups as well. They almost don’t look real because of that patterning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

  4. Life is yours for the taking! Such positive and wonderfully delightful words you’ve written here! Love it (theres no button for that here).

    • We’ve all have accomplished so much. I remember the day you said you weren’t feeling well, but then you pushed through and wrote one of your yummiest poems. Yes, we need a “Love It” button!

  5. Well you learn something new everyday…I had no idea what a “frog cup” was…we call them “Snake head Fritillary ” lol Frog cups sounds much nicer 😀 XXX

  6. All you want! ? For poem writing to peel back from the pain by naming it?! Yes, Yes, that is possible, and then too to own it, to hold it, to gossip with and beyond it and much much younger wants indeed. I remember feeding and gossiping with plants and dolls completely pain free.

  7. Your frog-cups are beautiful. I have never seen them before. Your poem reminds that sometimes the world can be too too much, and the simplest form of beauty is all a person needs to feel well.

    • The grandmother of one of my characters always tells her grandchild that small wishes are easier to get. Then we can stack them up and make them into big things… I think that when we wish too much too fast, something overextends and breaks. Simple does it…

  8. You combine the intense struggle to retain one’s self in the face of pain and loss, to feel love and joy despite thorns and the wearing away of feeling till it seems ‘disposable’–really a fine poem, and you have managed as always to find a way to let light into the darkest of things with your gossiping flowers. Thanks for all your kind words, support and wonderful challenges throughout this cruel witch of a month–it has decidedly been more pleasure than pain.

    • Well, thank you! I always tell people that writing dark fiction (or dark poetry) doesn’t mean that I only write dark things, it means that I can see the light in the darkest bits… and someone has to. Might as well be me, since it makes me happy. ♥

  9. Oh that end.. I love that you gossip with frog-cups.. I need to go out and discuss things with mine.. I have a feeling of a woman scorned, and that things are coming out of those discussions.

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