He Thrills Me Much Better

It is poet’s choice in the garden, with the emphasis on sharing and caring. I’m sharing two Poem Bits inspired by my Piano Man… For when it comes to each other, we are sooo good at the whole sharing and caring bit. The 1st was written on our anniversary and the 2nd on my Love’s birthday, two days ago.

Much Better“Much Better”
There is nothing I dislike
about me. I appreciate all
my wild bits. It’s not hubris,
just well lived veracities—I
delight in what burns hot
in my heart… and in You,
who make Me much better.

Magaly and William, 8-7-16

“He Thrills”
What does a girl give
to a boy who thrills
when he finds (for her!)
the bleached skull of a red fox?
She gives him her all,
of course, on his birthday
and for keeps.
He Thrills

I hope you have the most glorious of all Tuesdays, my Wicked Luvs!

61 thoughts on “He Thrills Me Much Better

  1. Oh I do love the sense of giving someone thanks for the fire invoked in you… I think that’s the burning that we need.

  2. I like the unrestrained glee in both pieces and am even happier that these are true stories. I hope you two had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday.

  3. Oh I used to write my husband love letters, haven’t in awhile, perhaps it’s time to start again. The first poem automatically had me signing Blue Oysters Cult “I’m Burning for You”

  4. It can never be enough to match what a loved one extends to us in that moment of special events. It may not even be of great value but rich in sentiments. And to record them is the ultimate.


  5. I am so glad I posted today and found this on Toads, Magaly. Two winners. The bleached skull of a red fox? Sounds like something my Laura would love as much as you.

    It proves the part about the ‘wild bits’ as well! He is a keeper, no doubt, babe. Much love, and catch you on the Facebook side, Amy

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