59 thoughts on “Healing a Wish

  1. As Paracelsus said, like cures like — fire is quenched with fire here, or magnified: either way, nothing is released which is not first owned. Thanks for serrating the challenges with such smiling tooth!

  2. I do not like to think of you in pain, but your endurance is an inspiration.. And no one weaves a spell like you do, Girl!

  3. The cracker of bones – at first i thought ouch – then i read on..read your postscript and agree.. we must bear our own hammers and bring forth our dandelion wishes – another unique poem and powerful crack of spirit – conventional is overrated..

  4. I enjoyed your poem, but admittedly I liked your afterword even more – which explains so well what you accomplish with your poetry: “If I’m to soothe myself—physically and/or emotionally—I must face what ails me head on and teeth bare. Some days, I dance with it… other days, we glare at each other… most days, I swallow its energy and make it mine.” And the poem that you shared IS one of those ‘dances,’ I think. A powerful poem indeed.

    • I’m so glad you said that. Because after I finished writing the wee notes, I remember thinking, Hm, this reads a bit like a poem. I might have to play with the feelings and idea a bit, to see what blooms out of it. 🙂

  5. Very much your own charm here, Magaly, fierce and bright and taking no prisoners, yet wise in the ways of earth and blood and bone. May your will always burn brighter than your pain, and your ‘dandy fluff’ float on the mildest and sweetest of summer airs, no matter what gale is blowing cold outside.

  6. Sometimes, in my mediations I visit the underworld as that is where often healing can begin, as it gets to the root of the emotion. Life is not all light there is darkness. You have woven a strong poem about the inner will.

    • Without darkness, the light of life is not complete. I think a lot of my light is always bursting out of me–I grin more than skeleton. So, like with you with your meditations, I need to dig for the darker bits… and heal from there.

  7. Mary’s comment captures my sentiments as well. The poem is charming and powerful, but reading the afterthought really puts more into the words than I could have imagined. What a concept it is to face head on one’s troubles, pains and fears, let alone the courage one has to muster to make it so. Anyone with this philosophy backing them is truly one to never be trifled. 🙂

  8. Magaly – your images are rich with sounds and color, and I love how the dandelion’s wish brought a hopeful light to an otherwise dark charm. I think that is a strength in your writing – that “just-right” mix of dark and bright. Thanks for sharing your charm!

  9. Magaly, your afterword on “traditional meditation” certainly resonated for me. I have been off and on with The Chronics for years now. There is a smart phone app called Insight Timer, which is free and has dozens of guided meditations, as well as music for meditation.
    Needless to say, some of it is sheer crap to me. The woman cooing about sleep in the same voice as that mean cat in the movie “Babe,” who says, “The boss says pigs are for eating.”
    But there are voices that walk me through simply being with and relaxing my body. If you want to get the app, I would be glad to tell you the ones I liked, since it seems like we may need the same things. Just drop me an email.

    Oh, and the poem was great, LOLOLOL

    • Thanks so much, Amy. But seriously, I can’t stand guided meditation of any kind. I prefer self-guiding. Someone else’s voice in my head, while I’m trying to find a space that is just mind, just annoys me and distracts me.

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