High on Spring Blues

I wrote this poem a few years ago, on the first spring after my little brother flew out of his flesh and bones. I remember thinking that loss alters the way most of us relate to everything… even the changes of the season.   

There’s birdsong on my page…
words I planted in midnight soil
are blooming memories of you.

Louder than death and time,
your soul sings to me of life:

“Dance your sobs
into undying laughter,”

I hear you chant,

“let the joy lift your heart
(high on Spring Blues)
and stitch our eternal tale
on the ventricular walls
of my forever home.”

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47 thoughts on “High on Spring Blues

  1. Oh this is so incredibly evocative, Magaly ❤️ I can feel the quiet strength and power of those ‘blooming memories’ and love ‘Louder than death and time,
    your soul sings to me of life.’ Beautifully penned ❤️

    • He was a complete riot, wise in fun ways others considered reckless. Yes, we understood each other well. We never asked more than the other could give, and like almost every other siblings we were masters at the art of getting on each other’s nerves… and laughing madly about it.

  2. Louder than death and time,
    your soul sings to me of life:

    There still is that ‘connection’ in mind and in sadness. One may even be learning of ways since then on how to cope with similar situations!


  3. Grief makes the world so beautiful, especially in spring, when hearts were meant to open, not close suddenly. A bittersweetness that is heavy and fragrant at once. Sorry for your loss.

  4. Those birds are veterans as losing friends and loved ones. If it’s a chick they will mourn and jaw is if perhaps live can be restored. Listen to their song, life still goes one. But even so we should give mourning its due.

  5. I really love the joy in this and the strength of the love between you and your brother that remains strong, despite the sadness of separation in this world.

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