Human, Dark, Humorous

Life and relationships and senryū feed on the foibles Fate throws our way, turn them into a short poem afire (where I speak and you are subject to my ink), prose and verse glimpsing into living with deliciously dark wit and well camouflaged sensual fibs.

you lie well,
but I kick in bed
much better


the wee notes…
– a friend (I’m sure) challenged me to write a love poem that glimpses into what haibun and senryū are (in 15 minutes). You’ve just read my first (and likely last) attempt. It was fun, in a mad oh-my-freaking-gods! sort of way.
– linking it to Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 and Poets United.

“Glamour Puss”, by Shelle Kennedy

43 thoughts on “Human, Dark, Humorous

  1. “…(where I speak and you are subject to my ink)…” oh we are the queens of our verse, indeed and many’s the time only our great benevolence keeps us from screaming “Off with this sucker’s head!” I like the way you’ve boiled things down and yet keep everything rich and steamy here, Magaly–a bit of magic in a cauldron that can do that. So glad you found a 55 that kicks in and out of the sleeping chamber for this weekend.

  2. Meow. The kicker in my relationship is the cat – the third in our nightly beddie-bye arrangement — who loves her lovin’ all night while the two of us snore on exhausted.

  3. Love your poem. And the clever use of slippery words.
    And, as another who often shares her bed with a demanding bed-hogging cat it had personal relevance.
    Glamour Puss is gorgeous too – both of them.

  4. This is really wonderfully done and, to my mind, everything a haibun and senryū is meant to be … sharp … clever … witty … clear … concise. And then, when I think of the time constraint placed upon it, I am in awe. Danged if I can remember the last time I did ANYTHING in 15 minutes ~ smiles ~

  5. Great haiku…. I love a glamourpuss elongated stretched right across the middle of bed.Why would we never kick it off the bed. Because they are so beautiful and we are suckers for beauty.

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