I Kiss the Land with My Feet

Rommy is visiting for the weekend, and we want to spend as much time as possible conquering New York City. But I couldn’t skip a Sanaa’s Prompt Nights. Not when today’s theme reads as if it sprouted out of my own mouth: “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”.

“I Kiss the Land with My Feet”

I kiss the land with my feet,
letting the world fill my blood
with song that tells of flesh
moving, dreaming, living, being

so wildly happy.

When my blood sings,
I dance until my bones cackle.
I live for me. And for others, too,
if they respect my song.

a wee note…
– Expanded Poem Bits of Fiction and Poetry, 14 (from “Respect My Song”)

Respect My Song

41 thoughts on “I Kiss the Land with My Feet

  1. Whistles!!! ❤💜 Oh Magaly, I absolutely adore this poem 😀 such a lot of passion and zest for life. Especially adore the reference to “I live for me. And for others, too, if they respect my song.” Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤💜

    Lots of love,

  2. This reminds me of how plains aboriginal women dance at pow-wows. The traditional women’s dance is like a slow shuffle. They dance like this to caress Mother Earth with their feet. Only women are entitled to dance in this way, because they share the birth-and-life-giving powers of Mother Earth.

  3. Well I told you right after I read it on your laptop I liked it! There’s so much exuberance in this – it’s a very Magaly piece. While I know perfectly well that much of what you write is in no way autobiographical, this one just bubbles over with who you are as a person.

    LOL, we can discuss it more on our way into the city later this morning.

  4. Aww New York has never been as lovely with it’s beautiful witches and gypsies dancing and leaving memories a float in their wake of merriment.

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