I Sipped Twilight

Kerry, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, invited us to write a piece of poetry or prose, in 55 words… Unless we go with her 55 PLUS, which implies including a quotation or two from one of the “Top 10 Songs that Will Make You Cry”, in which case, the quoted words do not count against the 55. I’m also linking this bit to Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 305).

“I Sipped Twilight”

I slaughtered birdsong
with my cursing
of the hurt,

and my flesh still felt
the pain.

I darkened sunlight
with my shrouding
of the hurt,

and my bones still felt
the pain.

I sipped twilight,
between mind and heart,
singing, “Everybody hurts

with flesh and bone
I embraced my pain,
drinking it in,
making it mine.

Self Embrace, by Michelle Robinson
“Self Embrace”, by Michelle Robinson

75 thoughts on “I Sipped Twilight

  1. Cursing and slaughter belong to darkness, and so beget it. As always, Magaly, you show us the path of light that cuts through the worst of times, and allows us to breathe and be –and even dance–inside the world we inhabit, however harsh.

  2. Pain is a holy messenger sent to let us know that our temple needs care. Unfortunately, modern medicine is so intent on silencing the message that they forget to look deep enough to find the signal that was sent. The last stanza is full of weary triumph. Claiming the pain recognizes that the message is important. I wish with all my heart, you did not have to receive these missives.

  3. I started to gasp already at the title… and then you moved in with such perfection of that anger, slaughter birdsong… ouch. This was like touching a sharp blade… wow

  4. The ink that writes this is so bittersweet — bitter for the anguish that is too real (first 4 stanzas howl), sweet for how the darkness becomes illuminated drinking it in.

  5. Now I have the R.E.M. song replaying in my head. Your words paint the picture of agony going on. “Self Embrace” is a beautiful piece, and I hope you can feel the love and healing vibes being sent your way from all of us 🙂

  6. The repetition is like a mantra. You can feel the speaker using it as a tool to hone her will to work with and ultimately through the pain.

  7. Sometimes we have to embrace the hurt – in the knowledge that it may not go away..but as your interpretation and the song implies ‘that’s ok’ – perhaps it is unwise to think that life will never have its painful times

    • That is the key of living with chronic pain: acceptance and doing something with the energy it produces. There isn’t any other way. Anything else is, indeed, perhaps unwise.

  8. I sipped twilight,
    between mind and heart,
    singing, “Everybody hurts

    Such haunting lines Magaly ❤❤
    Beautifully executed 🙂

    Lots of love,

  9. Oh, I love the flow. The way you rocked the meter was great, but the meaning even more so. Of course the last line, “with flesh and bone I embraced my pain, drinking it in, making it mine,” totally finished me. Love it.

  10. I love the wondrous imagery, from the arresting first line on.

    People I’ve known who have suffered severe, ongoing pain tend to agree that in the end the best way to deal with it is to surrender rather than resist.

    • If we don’t accept it, the pain takes over, and anything that resembles truly living will be over. Pain can not be fought, just used for something else. Then again, there are all kinds of people out there. But me… I just dance with it.

  11. Perseverance is a complex mind-over-body dynamic. Currently I’m receiving physio for an ongoing “bad back” issue – very painful – and I so relate to every line in this strong, visceral piece. Awesome writing!

    • You and I dance to the same music, it seems. There is no fighting pain. The only thing we can do is find a way of helping our minds do something useful with it. I hope physiotherapy works for you. I find that a combination of physio, meditation, core stabilization exercises, teas (and a lot of positive attitude) helps quite a bit. ♥

  12. If I had a choice I think coping with emotional pain is preferable to physical pain.It is a part of life and everyone learns to deal with it in their own individual way.

    • I think I would make the same choice, mostly because I’m really good at dealing with emotional hurt… But when your bones feel like they are about to explode (and taking medications is not an option) there isn’t much choice… So, yeah, I would choose the same, I think.

  13. Alas, I’m afraid that I’m such a philistine that when I hear the phrase “55 plus,” all I can think of is the seniors’ menu at Denny’s. This is what happens when you reach that magical age, Magaly, so be forewarned.

  14. I think sometimes embracing the pain is one of the ways one can use to get through the pain! Very intensely evocative writing, Magaly!

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  16. I wish I could take that pain away from you! Your words are so moving! You have to embrace that pain and knock the shit out of it! LOL! I remember, the day before I went into the hospital, (which I didn’t know I was going), I planted two trees. My mom looked at me in the hospital and said, you were in that much pain, you’re crazy! I had to do it!!!

    • Those things, the ones we feel “we must do” are the ones that keep us sane (and that keep us from kicking the crap out of other people, lol). Your words are always so very soothing, my Stacy. ♥

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