I Turn to the Soil

With the Sun three days in hiding
and the breezes May-hot in December,
I turn to the soil
for a glimpse of New York winter…

but there is only fall,
whispering of already reached limits
and wishing for natural sleep.

Process Note: New York City has seen no snow this December. The temperatures have been so mild that if I close my eyes, I can fool myself into believing it’s spring. The whole thing makes me all kinds of anxious; for as much as I enjoy the fall leaves clinging to their trees, the green brightening the grass, the berries blushing so prettily… every time I consider the implications, my heart hurts and my brain worries.

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46 thoughts on “I Turn to the Soil

  1. Wow. Before I reached the last lines, I was already thinking of the sense of exhaustion I feel now in the park. I’ve been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather to sit and read outside among the green and brown – but it feels so tired. I can practically hear all of the soil and trees begging to be allowed to sleep.

    • Everything looks so very tired…

      You know how I feel about the cold and snow–I barely tolerate them. But this, this is just not right. I’m hoping for balance… and I’m hoping it gets here soon. *sigh*

  2. It worries me as well. A body can’t go on for too long without getting the rest it needs. Nature is the same. Eventually something’s going to have to give, one way or another. Let’s hope for humanity’s sake we still can change things.

  3. Unpredictable weather but a warmness in winter gives a respite to the harshness of the cold despite not seeing the sun! A bit unsettling perhaps, yes! Great lines Magaly!


  4. Remember being there years ago in December and there was much snow and ice storms… Closed the airport after our plane slid in sideways… Something has changed… And quickly

  5. It’s worrying, the continued warm autumn weather in winter. We have an on and off kinda of set up with snow here as well, it snows one day and the next it’s all gone. And this makes for a dull weather indeed.

  6. Those of us who dance with the plants often get the feel of the weather in our hair and have to write it out–this is a very vivid little word picture of seasonal disjunction–we have it here a lot, where one season is always coming back or going away in a day, and even a broiling summer drought is not *always* locked in, but where you are, in a more normally temperate clime, I agree, it is disturbing, and even here, it seems weirder and more abrupt than ever. I see a bit of hope in it, as even those who are causing it should have a fear of planetary death. Or so one hopes. I love the simplicity and connection in this Magaly.

    • What you say at the end is one of the things that troubles me the most. There is so much evidence that says that something is not right, that the Earth is tired of the abuse… and still, there are people saying that they “don’t believe” it’s happening. It makes no sense to me.

  7. Worrisome and dangerous in some places. I think that feeling of tiredness is affecting everyone. Dysfunctional weather, as Hedgewitch wrote, is draining. I think you wrote the words that we are all feeling.

  8. Our rains came so late this year, we’ve been caught in an epic drought, but we’ve had a little respite and a few showers.. here’s hoping your snows will fall at last, and allow for the natural sleep nature craves.

  9. Hot, hot. I like your last verse, Fall is lasting a long time this year. Good top down weather, though.
    It isn’t politically correct in my circles (lots of oil business worker friends and neighbors here in the Houston area) to say Global Warming. So now I hide my face a little and show a wince, the state boldly, “Climate Change.”

  10. I worry about the future but live in the moment the best I can and teach the kids why it’s important to care for mother earth, their future depends on it.

  11. I think this has been a difficult year for all living things weather-wise! Mama Nature is churning things up and it is leaving everything stressed and tired. Your words echo that do well.

  12. I agree with you, it worries me. We have basically had the same temperature all year over here, and that usually means craziness is coming in one or two years. We have floods and storms every season. I heard on the news yesterday that the world will raise the global temperature at least 2 degrees in the next 25 years.

    • Just last night, my Piano Man was showing me an article about indigenous people who are perishing because they can no longer lived off the land, due to severe climate change. It is not looking good for the world…

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