If Haiku Married Tanka, They Would Probably Birth Cherita

While exploring the wild gardens of short poetic forms, I ran into the Cherita bush. All right, it’s not a bush, so stop rolling your eyes at me. Cherita means story or tale in Malay, and it’s the name of a poetic form that consists of three stanzas—the first has 1 line, the second 2, and the third has 3 lines. The poem tells a story (that reads like haiku married tanka and they birthed pure yum).


spring comes,

growing warm
and spilling

wet kisses,
softening the prick
of a thorn



– linked to Poets United ~ Poetry Pantry, 401.


63 thoughts on “If Haiku Married Tanka, They Would Probably Birth Cherita

  1. I like short forms, and the Cherita is perfectly formed! I like your explanation of it as the child of haiku and tanka!
    And I love those
    ‘wet kisses,
    softening the prick
    of a thorn’.

  2. Cool. I could write these. I really like the form and the one you wrote. I may attempt one about something I like…

    bacon sizzles

    stomaches growl
    tounges tingle

    My Love eats
    faces smile
    husband calms

  3. The form is fun – and I see what you did there (probably because my mind is in the gutter so much, I charge Pennywise rent). 😀 That softening kiss is powerful and should be applied with care.

  4. The best narrative on pricks and softening I have ever read. I will never see spring rain the same way again.

    Also, Hubby’s going to have to stay in until it’s dry out there…

    What size red boots?

  5. This is a lovely little piece of pure poetry. I love this form – and have made a ‘note to self’ to try it. You might want to consider taking it down and submitting it to Shot Glass Journal. They are really into short poetry forms – even maintaining a glossary of various types on their website. And this ‘Cherita’ is quite wonderful!

    • I love the word as name for the form, Hank. I particularly love that if the word was in Spanish, the “ita” at the end would suggest that it was something small or little. So, now I think of cherita as wee poetic story.

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