If You Forget Me, I Will

Your flesh and bones are mine to twist,
if you let me.

I will force myself on you,
if you forget my lust is forever
twisted around your spine.

To keep me gone,
you must welcome me in.

I can’t twist your will,
if you remember
I am twisted.

If you forget me,
I will…

the (not) wee (at all) notes…
– My shoulder is killing me and it’s my fault. You see, I’m always rather careful when it comes to exercise—I work hard and long to make sure my muscles are as nimble and strong as I can make them. The last few months have been good. Heck! they’ve been fantastic. I’ve been able to do modified pushups and dips, I’ve even made the stairs my bitch. The progress made me so happy that I forgot to remember the little enormous things: I can’t reach across my body with my right arm, I can’t write by hand for more than a few minutes at a time, I can’t type without keeping my arms at a 90-degree angle, I’m not supposed to exercise before my muscles have been warm for at least 3 hours. It has been so good, that I forgot pain is a bastard that attacks when you dare to forget that she is always there… waiting to make you pay for the tiniest bit of hubris.
– for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 and the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.
– and for Me.

(detail) borrowed from Pinterest, they borrowed it from Beautylish

63 thoughts on “If You Forget Me, I Will

  1. So many ways to take this, Magaly–like all the best poetry. I saw lovers, in the kind of twist of passion and pain that marks the real thing, however fleeting, however blended with the mundane–you can’t twist what it is into anything else for long…but I also get the pain metaphor, so much a part of you, always there mingled with everything else–and when you forget about it, that’s when it bites the deepest. I hope you are able to lose that twist soon–but I am grateful for this 55 that was birthed because of it. Have the MOST kickass holiday, my friend.

    • I, too, love the way poetry allows us to play with words and meanings. I could’ve written a poem about how pain is a trickster, an brilliant but psychotic animal. But those things are so terrible to live with, that I prefer thinking of the bastard as something that can be managed (since I believe this to be true). Also, poems about people and relationships always speak the loudest to me.

  2. If you forget me,
    I will…

    It is not adopting a hard-line but when it comes to emotions certain things need to be said in hard tones. The severity of the situation will be better understood! Rightly so,Magaly!



    • Thank you, Kat. And you did quite okay. But no one can expect to be as good as I am, since I am perfect as everyone (especially me) knows. The actual pain didn’t come from having a blast, but from forgetfulness and a mild attack of idiotic neglect–I was so exhausted from translating forms that were due the next day, that I forgot that reaching across my body to get my coffee is something that happens to other people. I should have known better. About the thinking like Magaly bit… If you had, you would’ve said, “Be glad the grenade pit incident that initially hurt your shoulder didn’t leave you without an arm, or without a head. Which would’ve made typing, and wearing bangles and necklaces very difficult.” I might’ve also said, “Think how cool it will be to conquer pain again and leave it defeated at your pretty feet.” Then I would grin, with lots and lots of teeth. 😀

  3. to keep me gone, you must welcome me in.. oh dear.. those were the very words I wanted!!! wonderfully said! And I say this as I clutch my own shoulder that has been in pain for a while now.. may the bloody healing begin..and quickly! Wishing you a quick recovery and the very best of the season Magaly.

  4. At first I thought the poem was about a lover whose
    ‘…flesh and bones are [mine] to twist,
    if you let me’.
    And then I realised the poem is written from the point of view of pain. What a threat:
    ‘I will force myself on you,
    if you forget my lust is forever
    twisted around your spine’
    ‘If you forget me,
    I will…’
    I hope you’re feeling better soon, Magaly.

    • I wasn’t writing about the shoulder, not specifically. But about chronic pain and other things (people, too, sometimes) that can only be dealt with if we get to know them, if we show them that they can’t have us without our permission… But yes, my shulder’s current pain was the inspiration.

      Thank you for your wishes.

  5. You take inspiration from unlikely sources and squeeze it and twist it until you own it… and this is yet another example of your magic ❤️☠️❤️

  6. When I first read it I thought of the passion of love and “Love hurts”… but pain is just pain I fear, hope you feel better again soon.

  7. I’m so sorry about the chronic pain. It is mos def a pain in the butt. The words pain speaks to you is a ugly and frightening as that photo (I hate clowns and clown make up). But dn’t let the bastard get you down!

    • I will do what I always do: inflict hurt and see what happens… (but Magaly will probably kick me in the teeth I don’t have. She’s wild like that… and we’ve known each other for such a long time).
      ~ Pain

  8. Why is it that as we age the spirit distances from the body, becomes a tandem of Other and Beloved? Or rather the dis-ease of the body becomes that other, shadowy and dangerous, waiting to spring if we make a wrong step. Shaman songs spring on that bouncy mattress …

  9. “To keep me gone, you must welcome me in.” – that phrase really stuck with me. On a more regretful note, I hope your shoulder heals soon. I am in physical therapy for mine.

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