In Darkness, Let Your Fire Be Light!

Can you smell it…

feel it…

hear it…

the scent of autumn dancing in your bones… the chant of October, whispering… (October always whispers), “I’m adept at the powerful-but-forgotten art of lifting spirits”? Can you sense the fiercest bit of you, the one that makes you You, singing (shouting and shouting), “When things go bad, make them good… bite into life, let fate feel the magic that is you”?

I do, sense it… and I bite into life—teeth sharp, soul willing…

…and I write. Sometimes, I do it with others. Let me show you:

If you could read the thoughts of your wickedest Dream, what would your Dream write about you? Rommy and I pondered the question (with all the seriousness it deserved) and shared our findings at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. Go ahead, take a look-see.

I’m a journal and notepad hoarder. And like all stationery-loving dragons, I often delight in my stash. Yesterday, as I adoringly went through my paper-hoard (I want to handwrite my entries to Hedgewitch’s Friday 55), I ran into this giggler of a note (quite mad, indeed):

About Witches in Fiction 2017…
…yes, my Wicked Luvs, there will be a Witches in Fiction this year. Give me a week or more (I need to tweak a detail or three), then I will have an announcement post for you.

To those who asked about October publication, the answer is no. Apologies… But don’t be too upset with me, I will publish something hot and deep *cough* to warm our winter.

That’s it for now, my Luvs. Why don’t you delight me with some bright bits of you? Any yummy plans for the fall? Have you been keeping safe? Are you crafting?

Be fiercely you.

Be wild (if you want).

Do it with others (if you can).

And remember… in darkness, let your fire be light!

27 thoughts on “In Darkness, Let Your Fire Be Light!

  1. Promise of pleasure in your title makes me look forward to October, also because it’s my favourite month. Of course, the scent of autumn always inspires. 🙂 I’ll keep my ears to the ground so that I don’t miss Witches in Fiction…

  2. Hi kiddo. I LOVE love love your collaborative poem. Exceptional, it is. Love this post as well. I am thrilled with the onset of fall, my fave wild season……..drove through the mountains this morning and it was so spectacularly gorgeous I kept crying “Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!” all alone in my car. But I think the mountains were pleased, lol.

  3. yes!I feel the shadows get longer my mood gets brighter.
    it seems like the heat of this desert makes my muse hibernate, only to awaken with mid September’s kiss.
    I’ve been ill but am creating as much as I am able. If I concentrate on the good stuff
    the bad stuff fades away a bit:)
    I even started an abbreviated Haunted Humpday…not as many stories but lot’s of crafts.
    oh! we’re doing our annual Stephen King Birthday party too!! Helena is busy making creepy decor to hang up and haunt this house.
    Love your journals…I have so many dream journals that I love to go through occasionally..
    The crinkle of the paper and the fading scent of ink are intoxicating.
    i wonder what my girls will think if they read them once I’m gone.

    love this post Magaly!
    see you soon.

  4. “Be fiercely you. / Be wild (if you want). / Do it with others (if you can). / And remember… in darkness, let your fire be light!”

  5. I loved your poem with Rommy–the two voices were blended so well with just a hint of their separate spices, the jasmine of green tea, and the hot ginger of the Caribbean, for a wild and strengthening mix. I’m laughing at your journal entry, and delighted to find you are a fellow hoarder of your own words–I have vast piles of notebooks dating back to high school(which is about the paleolithic era, give or take a century) and I often read them and shake my head. Fortunately I stopped writing them in the 90’s, or I’d have to have a separate house for them. 😉 I so look forward to your 55 of flash-y fiction. ;_)

    • One of these days, I will share a few of the notes I wrote on the margins of notebooks, written while I was going through some of my military specialty schools. There is one I remember, vividly… I scribbled it during a Customs and Courtesies class. It says something like, “Yes, because if someone is shooting at me, their bullets will be stopped by the crispness of my ironing and the accuracy of my ribbons placement”. I might’ve been a tad delirious from physical and mental exhaustion topped with lack of sleep, lol!

  6. Can’t October be for 2 months? LOL! It truly is the best time of year!
    I love your words so much! So much, I am writing them in my journal! LOL!
    Witches in Fiction? I wonder what this year will bring?
    I’m busy painting and trying to figure out, which is the next direction to go with, putting my art on things. I heard from one of my other artist friends, that got some of my stickers and she said they were too nice to use, so she is keeping them! LOL! So, now I’m thinking, should I do prints? I have to stop thinking! LOL!
    Big Hugs 🙂

    • October should be 2 or 3 months, indeed. And I’m so happy you enjoy my words. It makes perfect sense since I delight so much in your art. I totally understand your friend, when it comes to the stickers. Definitely prints!

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