In Gloom

Six Elders approved, six thought roads were death to the land. The choice would be hers.

Her animal had seen what progress did to wolf in the south, heard the weeping of trees.

“We’ll cut trees”, the businessman addressed the grove, “but it’s a win-win. Roads mean jobs for your people, and our clients will gain easier access to our resort.”

My people need work, she thought. “No trees, no people”, her animal growled back.

Help me, Mother. She looked up, and watched a thick cloud slither between sun and soil, shrouding the trees in gloom. “No roads”, she said.

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photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

83 thoughts on “In Gloom

  1. Loved this. In particular I liked the voices of the elders even if some were for and some were against, the sensitivity to the needs of trees, Spirit, and her animal, and the decision to resist “progress”. So pretty much all of it.

  2. The conversation with the animal reminded me of the Golden Compass…. lovely narrative…. and truly a hard decision (or not)

  3. You packed a lot of fantasy into one hundred words! I want to know more about her, her companion animal, and the strong link they have to the land.

  4. Some are always lured by the promise of jobs and a stronger economy, but those proposing the changes are only interested in wealth for themselves. I love the spiritual nature of this piece.

  5. Dear Magaly,

    Progress isn’t always progress. I love the ethereal, spirit feel to this. Tribal and earthy. Well done.



  6. This is wonderful, the conflict of progress vs tradition explained in very human terms.
    Like everyone else who commented above, I love this.

  7. I really enjoyed the feel of this — and am glad that she got such good counsel from her mother, through the clouds. It’s nice to think that your old allies are still there for you.

  8. It seems so hard to get this clarity, to peel back the superficial and arrive at the real issues, the real consequences. Somehow the wrong decisions never ever lead to the right results, do they–if only we’d had elders this wise for our troubled and almost-destroyed land. The brilliance here lies in the simplicity–it’s just that the seeing of what is actually right seems so difficult for us.

  9. I love this. In her thoughts there is this feeling of connection to everything, even the greedy businessman gets heard. But in the end, your heart, or animal, or spirit, is the one to listen to. Progress is good, but it needs to be done with care and thought.

  10. No roads. Not only trees would weep. Hidden animals would lose their homes. Mother Nature would have to scramble to replace the lost everything. Tell Mr. Businessman to go elsewhere. NO ROADS!

    • The weeping would be shared… by those who still have eyeballs. I always wonder why so many people–in support of the so-called progress–fail to see what the consequences of their wishes would be.

  11. So sad that nature often suffers for progress. It’s happening globally, everyday – but not here. Loveyl tale, Magaly

  12. I’m relieved she said “No roads”. At least in such stories justice prevails. A lovely take on the prompt. I would love your feedback on mine too. I’m new to the FF group. Cheers.

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