Your heart lives in my spine,
feeding on mysteries
once only mine.

I can no longer remember
when it was just me in my mind,
all those years eating my own
secrets, with no other
to call mine.

I needed nothing to be.
I still don’t.
But I’m more with you
incorpsed to my soul.

wee notes…
Incorpsed: incorporated (now obsolete… which I believe is a complete waste… so I shall use it as often as I’m able… and someone as tenacious as moi will make herself able quite often).
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The Craft, by Patricial Ariel
“The Craft”, by Patricia Ariel

67 thoughts on “Incorpsed

  1. The poem is lovely, and the word kind of *makes* the poem – so totally, bring it back. It has a use!

  2. Just a perfect little word picture here, Magaly, where one feels as much as reads along, nodding, going yes–and why on earth would incorpse become obsolete? I think it is definitely more nuanced than incorporate–which sounds like you are mixing some sort of boring bread dough. No, here you are mixing souls, and there’s no telling how such a dish will turn out.

  3. I like the very visceral feel of this. The surrealism of the first line sets up this very physical mood, in a way further reinforcing the idea of two distinct physical beings, who need nothing more to be complete unto themselves, yet are enriched by the presence of the other.

  4. Nice, Magaly. Even if the word, incorpse, is obsolete, you defined it well with your composition here. I felt I knew it. Do you think it went obsolete during my lifetime? I’m an Ausie breed called OBE.
    BTW, “Is incorpse a scrabble word? Yes!” per WordFinder.

  5. I love old words. That one is one to bring back! This had, for me, so many meanings. Quite a few of them were extremely dark, as in Hannibal, dark!

  6. delightfully thrilling! i love how you incorporate aspects of human anatomy that so often show up in poetic pieces and ring them raw and sharp and steel.

  7. Yes, incorpsed is a great word used in the right context and you did it! I can see why it fell out of favor though because people are squeamish when it comes to anything having a “corpse” in it. 🙂

  8. Such an exquisite poem, spooky which I love so much.
    Your use of words and the way you structure them are greatly creative and good.

    I can see myself in your images with this poem. 🙂 Excellent. 🙂

  9. Your heart lives in my spine,
    feeding on mysteries
    once only mine.

    Great opening Magaly! One gets outwardly concerned now that there are elements intruding onto one’s own domains. It is a question of how much leeway is to be extended. It gets sticky when it is a loved one that keeps questioning and bothering.


  10. Third time today on this forum that I learnt a new word! Love it. I understood the poem to mean (the incorpsing) of various distinct aspects of the soul. The perception also informed by the image?

    • Yay! for learning new words. I always love when that happens. And helping it to happen to someone else is a double gift. 🙂

      One of the things I love most about poetry (and art in general) is that it will mean something different (or similar, but influenced by experience) for anyone who reads it/sees it. So if the incorposing you see is of the soul, then it is. I do like your reading, especially when combined with Ariel’s illustration.

  11. Incorpsed – what a waste for this word to be so unused! And it worked perfectly here – your poem was haunting and unsettling – but in a very good way!

  12. Isn’t it wonderful when a little word can deliver such a punch within a poem.? Your poem was hauntingly beautiful indeed. Thanks for linking up with dVerse. 🙂

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