It’s Not Insane to Want

“There is something about words… manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic.” ~ The Thirteenth Tale

I watch her,
this girl who’s all me
and not me at all,
and I wonder…

Do you know what’s happening?

“Of course, I know”,
she says
to the world.
“And I understand that
it is insane,
I want more.”

I hear her speak
with such familiarity,
and I wonder…

Do you know how dangerous—?

She stops me before I finish
asking, faces him, and says,
“I’ll rock
your wilds mine.”

She believes her every word.
I know.

You see,
he writes lies she loves,
and well-told stories can turn

fib into (wanted) fact.

I know
it’s not insane to want
to rock wild words real.
So, I watch

and wonder…

the (not so) wee notes…
– An Instagram reader messaged me to say, “I really like that your little poems always look like you put a lot of work and time into them.” I told him, “That’s because time, thought, and effort goes into them. But no, it never feels like a lot of work.”

I was asked for “an actual erasure blackout”; meaning that I was to take an eraser and, well… erase the words I didn’t need. The page I chose snickered at my erasing efforts. So, I grabbed my fruit knife and knifed away with gusto. I think the drastic measures add to the intensity of the poem bit—the “more” is made stronger by it.

No sharp tools required. But I like what the rocks and the red do for the “wilds”.

I used sandpaper to create this erasure poem, out of the following passage: “And the writer’s pangs arise, not from dread of what lies after death, but from the thought of leaving a husband she loves and children half-reared”, from On Lies, Secrets, and Silence: Selected Prose 1966-1978, by Adrienne Rich. The sparkles are eyeshadow. I thought it went well with the lies (and her blinded love).

– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads ~ Tuesday Platform

47 thoughts on “It’s Not Insane to Want

  1. Love your erasure technique. It looks way awesome! Plus, I agree that it adds something visceral to words loaded with meaning! Brava!

  2. ‘You see, he writes lies she loves, and well-told stories can turn fib into (wanted) fact’ sigh.. this is so incredibly powerful, Magaly!❤️ I also love how you used sandpaper to create that amazing erasure poem! Beautifully done! ❤️

    Lots of love,

  3. This is really stunning work, the process is as wild as the end result and a dynamic creative spirit shines through, both words, and remaining words.

    Much love…

  4. Hi Magaly! I haven’t stopped by your blog in way too long. I saw the powerful poem that you sent Stacy, and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed your poetry and art in the past. I’m sorry to hear that your pain continues, but it’s wonderful how you have channeled it into art. I have never heard of erasure poems before, so yours opened me to a new form. Each poem speaks to me!

  5. How important it is to be different (as you are) in your outstanding graphic poetry. Humanity in general has always wanted more which is how we come to be where we are, however we have being losing something each time we step forward until we find we are becoming quite bestial again as were originally. Originally we were satisfying our need but now we are hell bent on satisfying our greed.

  6. I love erasure poetry. You have inspired me…I have not written one for a long time. Do you know that song…”tell me lies tell me sweet little lies…” Well I’m afraid I am one of those women too, who gives her heart to someone who has a gift for the right words.

  7. Layered multimedia work like this approaches truth like the poem — something to assuage through a pile of layers and media facets. And what the other in the poem must learn — what the speaker may, some day, through all the compositions — that insanity is the poem we can’t or won’t write because the wild is too real. I think. Anyway, loved it.

  8. A wonderful self-portrait and I love the insight into your writing world in the (not so) wee notes, Magaly.
    Always want more!
    Be familiar with yourself!
    Continue to wonder!
    We love your rocking real wild words!

  9. You are brilliant! Your words always touch my soul! Love your ways you are “erasing” your words! Very cool!
    I have to tell you, I couldn’t get your piece framed, the way I wanted to, because your art work would have touched the glass and that is a no, no. So, I got your poem and card framed together. I wanted so much to show the crow, but your words on the card meant so much to me, that I picked your words to show with your poem. Now, the crow guards your words 🙂 My special treat for only me to know. As soon as I get it back from Michaels, I will take a picture to show you! I picked out a really cool frame!
    Big Hugs!

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